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Strawberry Champagne Cake

I saw Mr. Food make this on TV a couple of nights ago and knew it would be the perfect dessert to take to my book club on January 2.  You can find the original recipe here . My take was a bit different.  I had a strawberry cake mix and pink champagne in the guess what I did?  I used a strawberry cake mix and pink champagne.  It worked beautifully. I have never been afraid to try a new recipe and take it to my friends.  The batter on this cake let me know it was a winner.  It was very nice with a definite champagne taste to it. My icing turned out a pale pink due to the pink champagne.  The perfect touch!

Aging Wine...

Bob has tried many times to get a good age on a bottle of wine.  He liked this house specifically when we bought it in 2002 when he saw a concrete room perfect for wine.  He built his own wine racks and carefully placed his wines in the cellar, turning them every so often... Bob put a 1975 Margaux in the cellar.  At the time we knew that it was likely that the wine was not in good condition as we had it stored in less-than-ideal situation in our former home.  We were saving it for that perfect occasion.   Bob also had a 1994 Jordan that he got from friends in South Dakota.  He had that wine stored the same as the Margaux. Time passes, and the perfect occasion comes and goes (the wine forgotten!) and suddenly you realize that the perfect occasion happens when the people you love are siting around you.  That's what happened this time. Ashley and Eric were home for the holidays and we had just rang in the 2012 New Year.  That perfect occasion was NOW. Bob opened the Margaux an
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Welcome 2012

We welcomed in 2012 at the Summit Lake Winery with Bob's band, 2 Car Pile Up playing to a great crowd.  We enjoyed dinner with the other band members, David and Suzanne, Marshall, Scott and Jada and Ashley and Eric and us.  The dance was upstairs and they had assorted appetizers and a chocolate fountain!  Champagne was served and it was very good!  The band had everyone on their feet.  I enjoyed their new line up of songs.