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Fun at School!


When it is a dreary rainy day...

can there be any better way to spend it?


Bob surprised me with a Wii so that I could get some movement into my life! We played the basic games over the weekend but what we really want is a Wii Fit! I know I will feel a lot less self conscience about by growing chest if I could exercise more at home! We did buy JUST DANCE and I cannot wait to get the ok to do that one. Ashley did it on Saturday between Olympic games! She made it look like so much fun and I think she got a decent cardio workout, too! Thank you Bob!

Happy Birthday Tammi!

Yep, you made it to fifty. Now, if all those people were alive who betted you wouldn't make it, you'd be rich!! Hope today is full of fun, joy, and laughter, and that you feel how much everyone loves you!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Here are the valentines I have received from friends all over the United States! It is so much fun to get mail!

Sugery done!

Step one of reconstruction surgery is now complete! Checked into St. Mary's at 10 and got my IV in with only one try! Then we played the waiting game. They didn't get me back until 12:50. I went to the surgical theater (did you know that was the name of the room where they do surgery?) went onto the bed, strapped my arms down and then gave me anthestics through my IV. That is the last I remember until I was in recovery. In recovery I complained a lot about the pain. I was given pain pills that helped some. I was planning to go home but then the nurse said my oxygen levels were too low and that I needed stay overnight. So I did, slept well and my oxygen levels got better and better. I was dismissed at around 11. When we got home Bob had fixed us meal of chicken, brown rice and roasted butternut squash. It was so good and it was so easy to eat. Bob organized my meds and then we watched some Tv, this new show called Past Life. Decided to go to bed and after wigglin

Mosaic Monday

Mary sponsors Mosaic Monday each week and from time to time I like to play! This mosaic is of the snowmen found in our neighborhood after a heavy snow on Friday!

Snow Fun!

Bob had a lot of things going on on Saturday and so I coerced Ashley and Eric to come to JC and play in the snow with me! We finally had a heavy, wet snow that was perfect for snowmen and sleighing! We don't own a sled (I think I will put it on our Christmas list for next year) and tried a variety of things to try to go down our hill but nothing really worked. We really had a good laugh at our efforts! The snowman was fun to make. Eric did the heavy work so that Ashley and I did not hurt our backs. Thank goodness for a strong guy! We had the dogs outside, too and I think they enjoyed being out in the snow too!

Valentine's Cards

I worked on my Valentine's cards on Thursday while Bob was at Parent Teacher Conferences. I had fun creating my little design. I am definitely not a card maker like Jenny or Kristen but I still enjoyed my little creative endeavor. The front of the card shows a little foan valentine ladybug flying around some handpainted watercolor grass and sun. On the front it says Bugs and Kisses. On the inside I used a Creative Memories stamp that says LOVE with a heart. They are ready to mail to friends and loved ones!


Today is Alphabe-Thursday with Jenny today! We are on the letter C. I would like to show you my Cat, Bustopher. Bustopher is a Russian Blue. We bought him as a kitten in 1994. For the first two weeks he hid from us but finally decided to join the family and from that point on, he ruled the roost. He is in charge of everyone but me. He allows me to boss him around. He hates strangers and hides when people are around but I will say that he is taking more chances as he gets older when strange people are around. We love him, though!

Can Spring come fast enough?

I am not one to wish my life away but I am ready for spring! This is unusual for me as I like to live in the moment, not wishing for something else! Maybe these tulips are at fault, a Walmart special at $2.50 a bunch!

Wrapped in Love, 2

Truman found the quilt Jenny made and got himself all cozy and warm inside it. He is the sweetest thing!

Winter Moon

Shot this photo while walking the dogs early on Sunday morning. Not that I usually walk the dogs at all... but I snored so much the night before that poor Bob ended up on the couch. So I snuck the dogs out so he could sleep in. There is always a blessing in doing a good deed, and here was mine... seeing this winter moon!