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Fashion Friday

I cannot begin to tell you how glamorous I felt in these white go go boots we wore when I was in 8th grade. What is it about white boots that make everyone go gaga? Do you remember the song "These Boots were Made for Walking?" I remember that Nancy Sinatra had a picture on her record of herself in white go go boots. Made all the boys crazy.

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Race for the Cure

Today was the 5K Race to the Cure, Susan G Komen race. It was my first Race but I know it won't be my last. It is very powerful to be around people who are long term survivors of breast cancer.

 The vendor booths were great!  I saw my oncologist and her cancer center and got a cute pink bag.  We bought several souvenirs from the Susan G Komen foundation.  Their stuff was so cute!   Gerbes was passing out water and granola bars, there was yogurt being given away and there were all kinds of chips, all bearing the Susan G. Kormen signature running ribbon.

The survivor's tent was awesome.  There was wonderful food, giveaways and things to do.  Whomever was in charge of it did a fabulous job!

The survivor lap started at the survivor tent.  We all had pink balloons and dark pink t sh…

Fashion Friday

It is Fashion Friday, hosted by our friend Ashley at A Hasty Life. Go and see her post on accessorizing. Very cute!

Today we are going to focus on Bob. He does have good fashion sense, except in the 80s when he let me dress him in pastel colored sweaters. Here he is pictured in the 70s.

Bob is wearing a mint green leisure suit with a butterfly bow tie in dark green velvet.  He was styling then and I will bet he could pull it off now!  His printed shirt was cotton.

Ashley likes fashion trends, too.  She's owned a scarf hemmed dress and a couple of other trends.  I think she gets it from her dad!

It's beginning to look a lot like FALL!

Bob, Ashley, Eric and I went shopping today for some mums and fall vegetables. I couldn't resist taking a few photos of the excursion...
It was such a beautiful Sunday! I am finishing out my lovely day by playing BUNCO with the best ladies ever and riding around in the ragtop before dinner. Life is good!

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Fashion Friday

Ashley at A Hasty Life hosts this little gathering (basically me and her!) of folks who have determined that what we wear has lent itself into our memories, much the same way people attach themselves to music or food.

This week I am going to discuss this little number I wore in 1975. I made this dress with fabric from Murray's, one of those delightful small town stores that sold clothes, shoes, linens and many other delights, including fabric. I had purchased the pattern somewhere and decided that I wanted to make my dress to the Winter Dance.

The fabric is a knit with a knobby feel. It was rather clingy and felt good on my skin. I made the dress with help from my High School home ec teacher, Cindy Hoover. I remember having some trouble with the sleeves, getting them just right!

I re…

Fashion Fridays

Ashley at A Hasty Life decided to use Fridays to discuss different outfits and how they have impacted her life over the years. Go visit her site to see her posts.

I want to participate. Not because I am any kind of fashionista, but rather, just the opposite. Even though I don't have a true sense of style, I do have some clothing items that have made significant impact on me. Enough of an impact that I remember specific events surrounding those very clothes.

One of those times was Ashley's wedding.  I wanted something very comfortable, something glamorous and something that wouldn't break our budget.  I looked everywhere.  All the details were done except my dress.  I was looking on the internet day and night trying to find something.  I finally found this top, which I thoug…