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Garden Check In 2

Hmmm, I need some pretties in the garden. Kristen, you are an enabler!!! Tomatoes! Brussel sprouts. Squash sprouts. Cauliflower. I would be worried, but it looked like this at the farmer's market. The cabbage looks wonderful!!

Memorial Day Cook Off!

Things at summer school slowed down tremendously today so I am able to post and hopefully be able to catch up with you this weekend! On Monday, the Steffes and Hasty crews decided to have a contest to name our 2009 Summer Burger. We started off with two hamburger recipes that Ashley and Eric made that Bob and Eric bbqed. All of us were judges. Burger 1 was the Cola Burger. The recipe: 1 egg 1 can of Coke 1/c c crushed saltines 6 T french dressing 2 T grated parmesan 1 1/2 lb hamburger Mix the egg, 1/4 c of the cola, crackers, 2 T of the dressing, and parmesan. Mix well and add in hamburger gently. Form patties. Mix the remaining dressing and cola together and baste the burgers with the mixture as they grill. Burger 2 was the Outside In Burger. The recipe: 1 1/2 lb hamburger 6 slices of Cheddar Cheese ketchup, mustard 1/2 onion finely chopped 1 small tomato finely chopped salt and pepper Make 12 small patties from the hamburger. Make a dent in one pat

Bob's Birthday Celebration!

Bob blowing out his martini olive candles! We had a great time at the winery last night. We ate too much and drank some good wine. The highlight of the evening were the gifts! Ashley and Eric gave Bob a vintage cookbook on making hamburgers and a bottle of wine from her recent trip to visit her friend. I had been working on a surprise for Bob since about early February, and that was having an illustration done of Bob at work! Rick Green is an artist who does personalized character drawings. I emailed him a photo of Bob and some little things about him that he used in the drawing. You can visit here to see Rick's progress with the illustration. Here is Bob with the illustration! He was so excited about it and commented on it over and over! It is fun when a present makes that nice of an impact!

Happy Birthday Bob!

Today is Bob's birthday! Tonight we plan to take him to the winery and enjoy sushi and good wine with Ashley and Eric. Bob loves plans that are simple and laid back. He will certainly get his wish tonight!

Mosaic Monday

Ashley and I hit several estate sales on Friday since she was off and I didn't have to be at school at any certain time! We found so many cute things. Enjoy our mosiac of our findings! Robert E Lee iron, crystal cream pitcher, doily, cake plate, another cake plate and brass candlesticks for the dining room!

Favorite Photo Friday

I am trying to get my family to DECIDE ON A VACATION SPOT. When I saw this photo I thought it might be an appropriate reminder for everyone to get ready to discuss it thoroughly on our three hour trip to Springfield (Missouri) this weekend! Hope your Memorial Weekend is filled with fun and laughter! We are going to play some golf, do a bit of shopping and go to a one year old's birthday party! Travel safe!

It's the Last Day of School!!!

Maybe I shouldn't be so happy about it, I love my students and my teachers, but I am SO READY TO BE DONE with the year! Summer School starts next Thursday, and between now and then we have a holiday! It just plain FEELS GOOD!

Outdoor Wednesday

Bob and I have really began to enjoy eating outdoors. Last year we purchased a new patio set and we've really started to enjoy using it. Monday night I had dinner with friends at our local brew pub, Prison Brews, and we ate out on their large patio. After the sun finally got behind some trees, we really enjoyed sitting outside and soaking up our vitamin D. Another local favorite is Madison's, an Italian restaurant. We love to dine outside there as well, as you have a limited view of the Governor's Mansion. Summit Winery is another local favorite. It is a winery on the top of hill in Holts Summit, a small community just across the river. We go there weekly, with friends, colleagues and family. Just last night as we were heading home after a little side trip to Cold Stone Ice Cream (which also has a cute little outdoor eating area!) we noticed that Alexandros has added outdoor dining to their restaurant. Perhaps that would be a good place to celebrate Bob

Finally, a project completed!

Ashley bought this little table at a garage sale five years ago when she was starting college. This little table was in her dorm all four years. When she moved out, she didn't want the table anymore so Bob and I confiscated it for our little back porch. It has sat untouched for more than a year, knowing that I needed to do something to it to glam it up a bit. This weekend when I was at Lowe's looking for something else (of course), I remembered I wanted to spray paint the table. I decided to go with a color that matched our outdoor table set. It didn't make the table all that great, but I do think it looks a lot nicer on our porch! Of course, doing the little table meant I should get a new rug and wreath, too. Does that happen to you too?

Mosaic Monday

This capture a bit of what I did this weekend: Garage sales with Ashley and a lot of gardening!

Garden Check In

Our garden is thriving! I am going to chart its progress throughout its growing season. Here is our full garden. You can see the edges are spring onions. We have tomato plants: white cherry, regular cherry, Beefsteak, and a Roma. We have several cauliflower and broccoli plants plus a couple of cabbage plants and a zucchini.

Six Unimportant Faves of Mine!

Kristen at Scrappin my Bliss tagged me to play this cute meme. I am to list six unimportant favorites of mine, so that you can get to know me better (even my own daughter!) 1. SoftLips is something I carry in my purse and use a lot during the day. I buy mine at Walmart. 2. Flat Wallets are fabulous. I can carry it as a stand alone purse but usually carry in my bag. I love that they are hinged. Ashley has several and in different colors! 3. Ticonderoga Pencils are my all time favorite pencils. I love the black! They used to be called Black Widows or something like that. 4. Moisturizer is so important to me, especially at this age! I love the yellow stuff from Clinique. Not too heavy and my skin absorbs it so well! 5. FACEBOOK! Just like Kristen, I had a hard time thinking I would be a good candidate for Facebook. However, I have reconnected with so many of my HS friends and lately, some of the students I have taught over the years! I love it! 6. Panera Bagels

Zonta Woman of Achievement Honoree

For me, a blog is meant to highlight one's life and times, and one of the things I tend to do is to record meaningful events in my life. If I come across as bragging, I apologize in advance for my tone. I am just darned excited about this recent event in my life! My friend Linda nominated me for the Zonta Woman of Achievement award that is given to a woman in our city for her contributions to our community. Many many women are nominated. Once nominated, there is an application process and I decided to go through the application. I received notification that I was selected to be one of ten honorees in our city! Today was the luncheon to honor those selected by the Kansas City Zonta Cluba as Women of Achievement honorees. Here is a pictoral view of the event! One of our speakers was the First Lady of Missouri, Georgeanne Nixon. Ann Covington, the first woman to sit on the Missouri Supreme Court spoke as well. The ten nominees were introduced to the 900 attendees. S