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Halloween Night

We had a another great Halloween night here at Lakewood. Sweet kids, polite teenagers and happy parents!  I think we had about 80.  A light year for us. We made and ate mummy dogs for dinner! Fun, cute and super easy. Bob wrapped hot dogs in slices of pizza dough. We brushed the dough with beaten egg and baked in a 400 degree in oven for about 12 minutes. Yummy! The dogs had to be put in their carrier, though.  They had a hard time adjusting to the doorbell ringing so often.  They looked so cute in their Halloween scarves!

Halloween Memories

We didn't have the money to buy store costumes but I remember one time that we did and how we hated the masks and the itchy costume.  I remember we begged and begged for those costumes. Tuesday night is the showing of The Great Pumpkin. I LOVE THIS SHOW. I remember my dad making popcorn and letting us have pop even though we'd go to bed right after the show. I don't think I have missed a year of watching it! Maybe I will save it for Halloween night. Whatever I decide to do, I will be perfectly contended to sit on the sofa with my sweetie with some popcorn and pop and watch Linus try to convince his friends of the Great Pumpkin. I can't wait.

One Year Ago Today...

I went into the hospital with breast cancer and came out a few hours later cancer free! As I look back on this journey with cancer, I have come to realize that we all make a mark on this world and that when something like cancer comes along, we rally together to help one another. I am still in shock when I look at the cards, emails, facebook comments, flowers, food, phone calls, visits, gifts, and all the other forms of expression of love and caring that I received during the year.... ...and so it continues. Yesterday Lewis and Clark ran a marathon and asked me to walk the first lap with Bob, the superintendent, Cody (the marathon man who convinced me I needed a tattoo) and the sponsors of the event. I received a bouquet of pink roses from Bob, two pink bracelets from students, lunch from the office, a pink wax warmer from the fifth grade teachers, and cards and hugs from the students at school. One student gave me the pink tshirt I am wearing today to celebrate Pink Day and my

Happy Birthday Ashley!

Today Ashley is 25 years old! She is one quarter of a century old! In her 25 years she has graduated from preschool, kindergarten, elementary school, 8th grade, high school, Stephens College, MU (masters) and is getting ready to graduate for the final time from MU. We are proud of her accomplishments but ... we are mostly proud of her kind heart, her generosity, her responsibility to others, and how she lives her life. Happy birthday sweetheart!

Fall on the Inside

I love fall! I love fall so much! I love fall more and more as each year passes! I like to decorate for fall because I love the orange, yellow, rust, red, and purple that make up the colors of fall, in the leaves and mums that spot the neighborhood. I also love using those colors inside, too. Let the photos speak for themselves... Kitchen table Living Room mantle... love the EEK! sign Adorable pumpkin pillow Various pumpkins and a cinnamon apple candle A wire Halloween tree Tooooooo cute! Fall books that I love and cherish 6505E85D-09EF-E80C-9D2D-653062FF1918 1.03.01

Let the light shine...

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month . Things are happening all around me and I want to grasp it all and say THANK YOU. It is such a mind numbing thing... learning about the diagnosis, going through treatment, asking for and receiving help from everyone, including strangers who will stop you in the street and simply say, 20 years, 15 years, 8 years.... they give me such hope and inspiration. Walmart is selling pink light bulbs. I bought one and put it in the dining room where the light shines through the window, all day and all night. I will turn it off in November. Right now its soft glow wraps me in hope and love. I still need it. Next week is Pink Week at school.  We get to wear jeans and t shirts that relate to any type of cancer.  I am having a hard time deciding which shirts to wear.  So many of us have had to deal with cancer in our lives, losing children, spouses, and parents to the disease.  Our jeans week money goes to Relay for Life .

Fashion Friday

Ashley and I have often spoke of our grandmother, Mildred Dorrell Oliver, who we believe Ashley got her fashion sense from. This is Mildred in the late 50s or early 60s. This is a Christmas photo as you can see from the poinsettia. Grammy (our nickname for her) is wearing a dark colored slimming sheath dress. I believe it was linen. Look at the simple beads on her neck. The perfect touch, even now, 50 years later! Grammy worked in a pharmacy and always looked very nice. She liked to wear accessories but was also frugal and bought pieces that looked good with many items. I didn't mention, but next to her is my grandpa, Joseph Issac Edward Oliver.
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Outdoor Fall!

I love decorating for fall. I think it is because I am a November baby that I love seeing the leaves change, the air cool down (or is that because I am 50+?) and wearing corduroy and jeans. Today I stopped by my favorite Mennonite store and purchased some pumpkins. Shirks had beautiful pumpkins and the not-so-beautiful ones too!   I brought them home in my convertible, with the top down of course, grinning all the way home to do one of my favorite fall things in my now favorite-of-all-time car! I could barely put them in much less take them out but I was so anxious to get them settled in that I just did it.  I will probably regret that tomorrow but today I love it! I hope you enjoy the pumpkins and fall decor as much as I do!

Fashion Friday

Another episode of Fashion Friday, brought to you by Ashley at A Hasty Life . She talks about her fashion inheritance today! I think I like accessories. I love doing my hair differently, or wearing something unusual to focus on. My latest love are fashion glasses. I have to wear glasses or I can't see! I can't even read a menu. As patient as Bob is, he isn't great at having to read aloud every item on a menu. Right now I have red ones at school, leopard print ones in my purse, black and sequin ones in the car and a pair of very servicable silver ones at home (so Bob can share them with me).  If I see a pair I like I have to have them!  I have a pair of Christmas ones saved for the holidays!