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Front Porch Sipper #CookOutWeek

I was given the syrup in exchange for a recipe and my honest review.  All opinions are my own.

I love making cocktails and need no excuse, but it is #CookOutWeek and that's always a great time to create a cocktail!  This is a simple concoction, perfect for sitting on your front porch and sipping as you watch people walk by or the sun setting.

I live in a delightful community called New Town at Saint Charles (Missouri) where one of the features is a front porch. Front porch living is alive and well here!  When the concept was being created, the decision makers said that all homes must have a front porch. It is one of the most fun things about the neighborhood!

So while my dear #husbandwhocooks is doing his thing in the back, you might find me catching a breeze on the front porch chatti…
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Picnic at the Missouri Botanical Gardens

There's something wonderful in a perfect June evening that calls for an impromptu picnic. Without a second thought, we headed to the Missouri Botanical Gardens to enjoy the annual members picnic and a picnic dinner for two.  Fun, romantic and deliciousness.

The member's picnic happens once a year and is a family event. We love seeing all the children running around and getting balloon animals and face paintings. Everyone brings a picnic dinner and the food ranges from Chic-Fil-A to beautiful homemade spreads.  MoBot (as it is affectionately called) also provides a hot meal you can purchase. 
My husband picked up our favorite picnic treat of King Edward's Chicken from near the University along with sides of green beans and cole slaw.  I love their green beans, hot or cold.  Alo…
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Blueberry Balsamic Mustard Chicken Pops #CookoutWeek

I was give the mustard in exchange for a recipe and an honest review. All opinions are my own.
#CookoutWeek continues with these delicious Chicken Pops that my husband made on the grill. They are so easy to eat and really not messy like normal chicken legs are.  Your hands stay pretty clean and not sticky when you fix them like this.  Let me tell you how he did it!

What makes these a bit more special is the ingredient list. I am using a wonderful mustard I got from The French Farm  called Moutarde aux Herbes de Provence.  The French Farm is a brand dedicated to a time when food was meant to be savored and enjoyed. I can really relate to this company!  They sponsored several bloggers this week and you can check out the other choices we had here!

I was given this product to use in a new rec…
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Welcome to #CookOutWeek !

Get those grills fired up... because it's #CookoutWeek 2017! This week, I'm joining forces with over 40 food blogger friends to bring you delicious recipes perfect for every backyard BBQ, picnic, summer party, or cookout.

We love to grill here at Our Good Life, and I want to make sure you've seen all the wonderful grilling that is done primarily by my husband!

Grilled Lime Margaritas (super popular post!)

Grilled Keilbasa and Warm Vinaigrette Salad

Smoked Bourbon Apple Crisp (yep, made on the grill!)

We also have a fabulous giveaway featuring products from the brands who have made #CookoutWeek possible! You can enter below to win:
From blog host The PinterTest Kitchen: $100 Amazon gift card, to use to buy all the supplies you need for your next cookoutFrom our sponsor The French …
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Beef and Cabbage Bake #SundaySupper #RootsinBoots

My family were experts in outdoor cooking long before it was fashionable.  I remember my dad rigging up a smoker and building a concrete block grill using some kind of grate he made at work. Wood fired meats were a part of my upbringing as well as hearty casseroles and dishes.

This week we are Cowboy Cooking and that means using Certified Angus Beef® brand beef.  I really like this beef and used it a lot at Christmas preparing our roasts and briskets.  Our hostess, Cindy Kerschner of Cindy’s Recipes and Writings has some great recipes to share with you today and always!  Go and check out her blog!
This Beef and Cabbage Bake qualified for Cowboy Cooking as you can make it in one (ovenproof) pan and uses beef and bacon to make it hearty.  Give it a try and tell me what you think!

Beef and Cab…
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Proper Toppers by The Honest Kitchen #ChewyInfluencer

I received these goodies free of charge from in an exchange for my honest review.
Our grandpup came to visit about the time these delicious snacks arrived from  He watched as his uncles, Truman and Wilson, got very excited about this box that arrived.  As he does, he sat back and watched as Tru and Wilson watched as the box was being opened and a package came out.  The uncles immediately lost interest in the box and so Huxley went over to investigate. He sniffed it all over.  Twice.  Then looked at us.

By that time, I had snipped open the bag and the dogs were going crazy and Huxley understood immediately that this was a treat.  He came eagerly over to see what the fuss was all about.  This particular treat is a meal topper, so I only gave each of them one small nugge…
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Project Beautiful's Garden Party #projectbeautiful

Summer is the perfect time to have a party in your backyard or garden.  Summer flowers are in full bloom, the shade trees are fully leafed out, and there is a magic time between dusk and night time where the breeze picks up and fireflies come out-summer party time!

My friends from Project Beautiful and I have come together to share with you some of our best links for entertaining in our backyards and gardens. There are some really fabulous ideas shared with you!

Our garden party would start with our outdoor dining table.  Beautiful plates (these are melamine from Pier 1!) are a must. I bought one plate in each of the colors they had, and can mix and match colors for the event I am creating. I am using pastels for this one!  Flowers are a must, and this flower centerpiece is filled with fl…
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Peach Basil Iced Tea #summerfunseries

Let's focus on a summer drink:  TEA.  Yes, everyone has their own idea of this summer drink. Should it be brewed?  Sweetened? Unsweetened? Steeped?  Anyway you love it, I am going to even enhance it even more!

Drinking tea invokes many summertime memories.  I remember when sun tea was all the rage and my parents had a bit jar sitting on the sun on our front porch. We always had Lipton tea bags on the ready to make this summer treat.

I am so excited to participate in an event hosted by Emily of  Life Sew Savory.   Summer themed posts will appear each Friday through the summer, full of recipes, crafts, activities, and games. Check her blog weekly to see what is going on!

This week we are featuring Summer Food.  I am happy to share this theme with three other bloggers, Reesa from MommaL…
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Color My World~Purple #PBColorMyWorld

Purple is such an interesting color, because it is rarely seen in nature. It's the most powerful wavelength in the rainbow, akin to x-rays and gamma rays.  It is very likely our prehistoric ancestors never even saw the color purple, because it is so rare in nature.

Because it is so rare, royalty were the only ones who could afford the dyes to color their robes. It took a lot of shellfish to get enough dye just for one garment.  The color is associated with heroism (think Purple Heart),  children's shows (Barney and Teletubby!) and luxury.

In my garden, I like to use purple as an accent. The rich colors are perfect with the lighter yellows and pinks that I also like to use.  I really enjoy the rich purples of the Wave petunia, which I have discussed in this post earlier this month.…
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Fourth of July Wreaths for your Front Door

In our neighborhood, our friends love to decorate their doors and I enjoy getting into the golf cart and driving around the neighborhood looking at what the current decoration is!  From Memorial Day to the Fourth of July, though, it is all about the Red, White and Blue!  I think a house is the most alluring when there is a wreath or welcoming item on or near the front door.  How about you?

Last year I wrote about using red, white and blue for your home and it was a well received post! Many of you said that you loved patriotic decor and some said that you didn't decorate but were inspired!  This is a holiday that is about us as Americans, show where your heart is!

If you are looking for inspiration for this year, check out this lovely list of wreaths that you can make yourself!

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New Town Garden Tour 2017

The New Tour Garden Club held its annual tour this weekend.  It is one of my favorite times of the year here in New Town.  Our homes here are unusual in that our yards are fairly small and the design of them is important if you are going to get all the function you want from them.  So it is with great pleasure that we share how residents of New Town designed their spaces to meet their needs.

There were nine homes on the tour, including ours!  We are a "flashback garden," having been on the tour before. The premise of "flashback gardens" are that tour participants who attend annually can see how the garden and yard have progressed since the last tour.  We had three "flashback gardens" this year.

First, each and every one of them is unique and wonderful.  In th…
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