Posted by / 30 December 2009 /


Blogaversary! Blogaversary!

Happy Blogaversary to me!! It has been a wonderful 633 posts! I hope to continue doing this for many a long year! Here's my first post...

Posted by / 27 December 2009 /

Oliver Christmas!

Oliver Christmas! Oliver Christmas!

The weather wasn't very promising but we started out for Marceline and got there fine, thanks to Bob's driving. I am sure he wa...

Our Christmas~

Our Christmas~ Our Christmas~

Christmas Day was absolutely wonderful. Ashley was up at 4 a.m. but we held her off until 7! We opened our stockings and then our gifts. ...

Posted by / 25 December 2009 /

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve Christmas Eve

After the drive back from Wien, we had Ashley and Eric over to watch the Charlie Brown Christmas specials, to have a snack and to open the...

Steffes Family Christmas

Steffes Family Christmas Steffes Family Christmas

We were in Wien on Christmas Eve this year. Everyone was there, which is fabulous and I hope it can continue forever! We started out the ...

Posted by / 19 December 2009 /

A Master's Degree

A Master's Degree A Master's Degree

Ashley graduated with a Master's Degree last night! We had dinner at Boone Tavern with family before and then we went to the Hearne...

Posted by / 18 December 2009 /

Bob's Party

Bob's Party Bob's Party

For fifteen years Bob and I have hosted a holiday party for his staff. We love doing it and have a great time planning the menu and prepari...

Posted by / 14 December 2009 /

Ashley's Christmas Party

Ashley's Christmas Party Ashley's Christmas Party

Ashley and Eric host a holiday party for their two families. Last year's is here . This year was fun, too! The menu included a basil/...

Posted by / 09 December 2009 /

Guy Fieri

Guy Fieri Guy Fieri

Bob and I went to Kansas City with another Lewis and Clark couple to see Guy Fieri, a Food Network star who stars in Diners, Drive Ins and...

Posted by / 07 December 2009 /

A Victorian Christmas at Stephens

A Victorian Christmas at Stephens A Victorian Christmas at Stephens

Stephens College has an annual Victorian Christmas celebration. We have wanted to go for ages but last night was the first time we could ...

Posted by / 05 December 2009 /

Christmas Newsletters

Christmas Newsletters Christmas Newsletters

I love writing newsletters. I am the only principal I know who writes a weekly one for my school! I decided this year to only do a Christm...

Posted by / 01 December 2009 /

Back to Work I Go!

Back to Work I Go! Back to Work I Go!

Today I spent a couple of hours at school which was fun and tiring, all at the same time! I read the announcements in the morning and surpr...



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