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5th Annual Memorial Day Cook Off!

Beautiful Memorial Day decorations in New Town  The Steffes/Hasty crew conducted their 5th annual Memorial Day Cook Off today!  To recap the last four winners, let's start with 2012 :  Ashley and Terri's Island Burger won first place in Bloomington!  The burger featured grilled pineapple and a teriyaki glaze served on a Hawaiian roll.  In 2011 the winner was clearly Ashley with her chorizo burger with avocado mayonnaise.  Spicy and yummy!  Bob won in 2010 with his Grecian burger .  In 2009 , the competition was between burgers, not BBQ'ers!  The winner her was the Inside Out Burger over the Cola burger.  Both were yummy, as I recall!!  Ashley and Eric are in St. Louis visiting Bob and Terri in their new apartment in New Town St. Charles.  With a new venue, anyone can be a winner!  Will moving to St. Charles upset Ashley's winning streak?   I think one of the reasons we enjoy this Cook Off so much is that our dads, Jerry Oliver, and Giles Steffes, enjoyed

Bob's Birthday Dinner 2013

Bob turned 55 today!! I know he likes birthdays and today was extra special because he got to spend it with Ashley and Eric!  Eric and Bob spent most of the day at the Senior PGA tournament.  They enjoyed it so much that when they came home to get ready for dinner, they continued to watch it on tv!  Bob chose to go to Pastria's for dinner, a place we have been to before but that we really love.  All of us like going here because the food is good, the atmosphere is friendly, busy and yet homey.   Bob ordered risotto ball, roasted brussels sprouts, and crispy potatoes for an appetizer.  He got a bottle of wine with Eric while Ashley and I ordered bellinis.   Bob ordered the kale salad and we each ordered our meals, roasted chicken for me, Bob ordered pappardelle, Ashley got a ravioli and Eric a lasagne.  Our food was fresh, fun, and exciting.  We ordered panna cotta and gelato for dessert. While we left feeling very satisfied, we did not feel stuffed.  The portion sizes
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Dinner Out: Elaia Restaurant

Bob and I love to try new-to-us restaurants and St. Louis has so many that we haven't tried that this isn't a hard task at all.  When Ashley and Eric make it to town, we really want to share with them all the ones we have tried and loved and then find one for us all to try together.  Last night we tried Elaia.  It is over in the Tower Grove area, which we have really come to love.  The restaurant is housed in a two story two family flat that has been converted on the inside to a beautiful modern restaurant.  Before you come into the flat, you go through a renovated art deco gas station that houses another restaurant called Olio.   You are presented with the Menu of the Day which lists four courses.  You can order a la carte, or the four course meal.  Elaia has an extensive array of wines, which they will serve half glasses of, so you may have the perfect wine for the part of the meal you are currently eating.  That's a nice feature for those who love wine (Bob, Eric,
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Terri's Doctoral Graduation!

Dr. Terri Oliver Steffes I am so happy to report that I am now finished with my terminal degree.  I like saying that, TERMINAL DEGREE as it implies that no degrees can follow it.  I am 100% confident that I will not be pursuing any other degree.  One, I cannot justify any more college loans and two, from now on what I want to study in detail I will read about it using my personal time and it will be for pleasure! My mom and sister drove from Marceline to attend the ceremony.  It was held on a Thursday, which meant very few people would be able to attend. I chose to go to the departmental ceremony as it is more personal.We walk across the stage and the department heads hood us with the traditional hood.  Our names are called and the title of our dissertations.  Since three of us worked on one dissertation, we each changed up the title a bit.  We all wrote personal papers, too, but those were not recognized. Dr. Suzanne Wilson and Dr. Terri Oliver Steffes, missing Dr. Armand S
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