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6th Annual Memorial Day Burger Cook Off

In 2009 the Steffes/Hasty families joined together to have an annual Memorial Day Burger Cook Off.  The first year was actually just finding a good burger recipe to have on the grill. We found the Cola Burger, which was an internet find and actually very good.  We made it a few times over that summer with a few embellishments like ripe tomato slices and grilled onions. You'll see this bottle a lot this summer:  Bob bought us a case! As you can see in 2010 our minds were on other things besides the burger contest.  We were trying to keep our routine "normal" but even in the brief write up it coming popping out... I think 2011 is when Facebook became a thing in our family.  Like a second child, maybe, with all the attention it received!  Here you get to see the onion jam I put on my burger...  but it does look like we had a winner as described in a June post . Our Cook Off had a new venue this 2012 year:  Bloomington!   I've noticed a theme during
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