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Sneek Peek at the Memorial Day Cook Off!

I am busy in the kitchen making onion jam for my burger tomorrow. Here's the recipe: 2 T butter 1 large yellow onion sliced thin 1 red onion sliced thin 1 bunch of green onions sliced thin 1/3 c brown sugar 1/2 c balsamic vinegar Melt butter in a large skillet, add onions. Cook until soft, about 20 minutes. Add in balsamic vinegar, scraping bottom of pan for brown bits. Add sugar. Cook until liquid is cooked off, about 10 minutes. Cool. Serve with .........

Spring Gardening

One of the things I love about spring is the garden. Bob's staff at Lewis and Clark gave Bob a gift certificate to Longfellow's Nursery, one of our favorite places, when Bob's father passed aweay and we purchased this garden center with that gift certificate. We decided on this garden center because Bob's dad loved gardening and grew wonderful produce. I am harvesting spinach and lettuce. Last night we had our first garden salad and it was so good. With Bob's pork loin roast and roasted acorn squash, it was a wonderful meal! The potatoes are looking great and so is the mint. Our cabbages are developing nicely, too! I hope your spring gardens are producing. In this wet weather, it is hard to get anything going. Look who else loves the garden...

Rock On!

Last year, you might remember I pinked and purpled my hair for the African Book Project. I wore that hair color for almost 60 days. I would have imagined that would have left an impression on me... to think before I speak. OoooHhhh. Nooooo. When asked this year, I immediately replied, I will punk my hair! Did I say this quietly to a few people who might have gently tried to remind me of last year??? Ooooohhh. Nooooo. I said it in front of 600 elementary kids and 300 middle school kids. My wonderful stylist, Heather, from Bella Capelli, agreed to style my hair in a punk fashion on stage in front of the school. One of my teachers kept the kids entertained with slides from Africa while Heather and her friend Amanda turned me from principal-to-punk. I was pulled, teased, sprayed, glued, poked, braided, whatever it took to get my unruly hair into a mohawk, with a few little blue strands of hair here and there. The outcome:

Mother's Day

Bob and I are so fortunate to still have our mothers with us. I call my mom daily and I know I still need to hear her advice from time to time. I also love how much she says "I love you" and "You're soo smart" and "You're beautiful." Can you ever get too old for that?

Bob's Retirement Reception

Jefferson City Public Schools puts on a retirement reception for the retirees at the school. Bob was one of the Lewis and Clark retirees. As the head principal, it was a lovely ending to his career as a public school educator.  It was a lovely reception and Bob was so lucky to have his mom and brother join him along with Ashley, Eric and me. Eric, Irene, Bob, Ashley Gary, Irene, Bob Eric and Gary Bob has plans to work in higher education after this retirement, so his impact on teachers and students will not be lost!  We are truly blessed that he will have this second opportunity to impact students who want to major in education.  Thanks to Jefferson City Public Schools for the lovely reception.

The Graduation!

God's blessings must rain upon us as that is exactly what was going on Friday from 2:00 on. Since rain is a Steffes blessing, we can't complain. Ashley's graduation was a beautiful event. We were at the Hearnes Center along with a few hundred people, watching our loved ones receive diplomas and hoods after going through the requirements of graduation. Ashley was one of two PhD candidates in the Human Environment Studies department. Proud parents wearing Mizzou plaid!

Ashley's Graduation Party!

Ashley successfully graduated from the University of Missouri Friday night with her PhD in Textiles and Apparel Management from the Department of Human Environmental Sciences. The graduation was wonderful, but more about that later... let's talk about the party! Ashley and I have been planning the food for a long time through a website called Pinterest. This site allows you to collect photos in one place but the best thing is that it marks the website the photo came from. Great website! We used a pink and orange color theme and decided on cupcakes as the main feature. We had sweet and savory cupcakes.  The line up was... Ashley had people sign in using a thumbprint sign in sheet .  Here's my sister, Tammi, signing in! Besides the great food, Bob's band played!  They were awesome.  It was a fabulous party.  We had help from so many people, Angie Letterman made the lime cakepops, Bob's band, Two Car Pile Up, Charlotte Dudenho