Posted by / 31 October 2007 /

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Happy Halloween!

I thought I would share some Halloween memories with you! These are Ashley's costumes when she was a wee babe. The first thre...

Posted by / 30 October 2007 /

Sooooo True!

Sooooo True! Sooooo True!

Your Halloween Costume Should Be A Martini What Should You Be For Halloween?

Posted by / 29 October 2007 /

Halloween Memories

Halloween Memories Halloween Memories

I grew up in a household that loved Halloween about as much as we loved Christmas. We'd start planning our costumes just about when s...

Posted by / 28 October 2007 /

Mom's Potato Soup

Mom's Potato Soup Mom's Potato Soup

My mother makes a unique potato soup that she and I adore. Every year I must make this soup at least twice.... once in the fall and once in...

Posted by / 27 October 2007 /

Kappa Delta Dad's Weekend

Kappa Delta Dad's Weekend Kappa Delta Dad's Weekend

It's Kappa Delta Dad's Weekend and Ashley wanted us to do a tailgate party for her favorite sorority sisters and their dads. ...

Posted by / 25 October 2007 /

Fall's Bounty

Fall's Bounty Fall's Bounty

Bob and I spent Sunday doing a lot of yard work. All the trees were trimmed, the bushes were trimmed, the grass cut and edged, the flower...

Halloween Personality!

Halloween Personality! Halloween Personality!

I was waiting for the concert to start here at school so I thought I would meander around Blog World and I saw this cute quiz.... What Your...

Colors of Fall

Colors of Fall Colors of Fall

I have been inspired by Pat at Back Porch Musings and Betty Jo at Digi Scribbles to try my hand at fall photography. I have a simple ...

Pea's Halloween Swap

Pea's Halloween Swap Pea's Halloween Swap

I participated in Pea's Halloween Swap and my partner was Dora at PeppyLady. Thank you Dora, I loved my swap! She sent these adorabl...

Posted by / 24 October 2007 /

Happy Birthday, Ashley!

Happy Birthday, Ashley! Happy Birthday, Ashley!

Today is Ashley's 22nd birthday! Ashley was three weeks early (how about that EE?) and has continued to be like her dad and early to ...

Posted by / 22 October 2007 /

Fall Comfort

Fall Comfort Fall Comfort

Bob called me on the way home from work saying he really would like to do chili for dinner tonight. He said he'd stop at the store on...

Posted by / 21 October 2007 /

New Banner and some Autumn beauty!

New Banner and some Autumn beauty! New Banner and some Autumn beauty!

I am working on a new banner and trying this one on for awhile. I adjusted the colors so it would work a bit better and now my signature lo...

Posted by / 20 October 2007 /

Today I have so many plans. I have a school carnival tonight from 4-9 so I really only have part of a day to do so many things! I am goin...

Posted by / 19 October 2007 /

It's Friday!

It's Friday! It's Friday!

UPDATE The California Pintos lost their last home game of the season 34-24. Tonight is the last home game of the HS football team. Thin...

Posted by / 18 October 2007 /

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for the people I work with. Tuesday was Bosses Day and boy, my two secretaries just spoiled me! I received a huge mum and a ...

Pumpkin Carving Contest

Pumpkin Carving Contest Pumpkin Carving Contest

Ok, I want to participate in the Pumpkin Carving Contest at but I am really having trouble getting the picture to my blog...

Posted by / 16 October 2007 /

Jeanette Walls

Jeanette Walls Jeanette Walls

I was fortunate to be able to be a guest of Jeanette Walls when she spoke to our book club at the River City Regional Library tonight. She...



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