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Grilled Chicken Recipes plus Tips for Grilling Chicken!

Grilled chicken is our go-to weekly meal. It can be rather boring if you don't mix it up and these recipes are anything but boring!  Give your grilled chicken a boost in the flavor department! We love to grill chicken using our gas grill but my husband is a big fan of the Big Green Egg.  How many of you have one of these wonderful grill/smokers?  When he fires it up, we do a mountain of meat at a time and eat all week on one grilling.  It is the way to go! 15 Grill Approved Chicken Recipes Mustard Grilled Chicken Sandwich with Creamy Mustard Sauce by This Silly Girl’s Kitchen Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad by Handle the Heat Spicy Verde Grilled Chicken by Delightful E Made Seasoned Grilled Chicken with Avocado Salsa by Pink When Grilled Honey Balsamic Chicken by Homemade Hooplah Grilled Chicken Drumsticks with Garlic Marinade by Paleo Magazine Grilled Cilantro Lime Chicken by Simply Recipes Honey Chipotle Grilled Chicken by a Southern Fairytale Gr
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The Rachel {kin to The Reuben} Sandwich #SundaySupper

August is National Sandwich Month and we at #SundaySupper didn't want you to be caught without some new sandwiches to try!  What do you love about sandwiches?  It it that they are portable? Or easy to make?  We love both! We love Reubens in this family, but we only have corned beef around on a special occasion.  The Rachel, however, is made with sliced turkey, which we tend to have around a lot. The secret to this sandwich is to not skimp on the sauerkraut or pickles. Both add that needed zip to this sandwich! The Rachel {kin to The Reuben} Sandwich for two sandwiches 1/2 lb deli sliced turkey 1/2 c sauerkraut, drained 4 slices Swiss cheese 2 T 1000 Island Dressing 12 Bread and Butter pickle slices 4 slices multigrain bread 1 T butter Lightly toast bread.  Spread dressing on both slices.  Heat a skillet with a little butter.  Add turkey slices and heat through.  Add cheese on top of the turkey and melt.  On one slice of toast pile on the turkey slices and chee
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Garden of Glass #MoBot

Some of you might know how much my husband and I love St. Louis' Botanical Gardens. We decided to become members of the the Gardens last year and it has been a decision that we truly love. We recently attended the Garden of Glass: The Art of Craig Mitchell Smith and it was amazing.  I am going to show you a few highlights, When you exit the visitor center you will be greeted with music and the opportunity to purchase a drink. Take advantage. I got this yummy Drunken Dragonfly. Super tasty and it kept me cool while walking through the Gardens. The exhibit is in the Climatron. Remember, this is where the orchids and rain forest type plants are located. So it is humid and a bit warm. Dress accordingly.  When you walk in, you will be greeted by glass immediately, and it sets you up for what you are going to see, amazing works of glass by artist Craig Mitchell Smith. The artist is a St. Louis resident and was "discovered" by HGTV when they came to do a piece on
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Pawster Treats by Rachael Ray #ChewyInfluencer

We were given the treats to review, but all opinions are my own, well, with a little help from Truman and Wilson! Truman and Wilson have had a lazy July, particularly due to the high temperatures we have experienced here in the Midwest.  A couple of days were over the 110 degree mark, so what's a dog to do? They were super excited to see our latest Chewy box come in the mail. They greeted the UPS man with a lot of barks and excitement (they love the UPS man!) and when we opened the box there were a lot of tail wags and small barks of excitement! And no wonder! Look what was in the box!   Rachael Ray was in the box! We love Rachael in our house and these treats, made with real, farm-raised beef as the number one ingredient, this savory and smoky snack tastes like it came fresh from the grill, and it also includes wholesome chickpeas, potatoes and a hint of rosemary. And since it’s free of grains, artificial flavors, and meat by-products, you can feel confident that y
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Burrito Dogs #SundaySupper

Who loves hot dogs??? We seriously love our hot dogs in this house.  One of our favorite things to do is to get a hot dog from the hot dog cart here in our community when leaving our local Wine Bar.  Seriously, it is about as good as getting breakfast at midnight after a band gig (did you know my husband is a drummer, too?) Featured!   Walking on Sunshine We created this recipe just for the fun of it and we really enjoyed it.  It was fun to make and pretty doggone good, too.  Serve it up with some sliced avocados, fresh salsa and chips and you have a fun and festive meal! Burrito Dogs 4 burrito skins 4 regular hot dogs (we used a spicy hot dog from Aldi's) 1 1/2 c shredded cheddar cheese 1 c salsa 1 c refried beans 1/4 c chopped onion Separate the four burrito skins.  Spread 1/4 c of refried beans over the top of the tortilla.  Spread 1/4 c of the salsa over the beans, then use 1/4 c of the cheese on top of the salsa.  Place the hot dog in the center.  Continue o
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Salat Olivier (Russian Potato Salad) #cookthebooks

The selection for Cook the Books Club was  Anya von Bremzen's  Mastering the Art of Soviet Cooking: A Memoir of Food & Longing.   I can't say I loved the book, I kept losing the story of interest to me in the deluge of Russian history as seen by the author as a child, teen and grown up. What I did love, however, was the role that food, or the lack of it, played in her life.  What I loved about the book was the apparent deep connection that the author has with her mother and how they developed their relationship over food. This resonates with me, as I am often asking my mom to share recipes from my childhood with me.  I give kudos to Simona from briciole for this book selection! The food descriptions in the book were detailed and delightful.  During the period she describes, however, there is almost nothing eatable to describe.  She describes that "classical Russian food culture vanished."  Then she does what I love best about memoirs, by talking about child
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Color My World Red and Blue #ColorMyWorld

I think a summer garden needs to have a little red and blue in it!  Take this little garden from Notes from a Cottage Garden.   The white fence, with a little red bee balm, white daisies and blue bachelor's buttons is as charming and summery as it gets! Feature here:   Rattlebridge Farm Another summer charmer uses red flowers as the mainstay and alternates the blue and white pots and still comes off as completely charming!  The Armstrong Garden blog uses red salvia and petunias to create this summery scene! Blue is a hard flower to find, so maybe you will want to use the blue in the physical sense, as in a fence or a door or a planter, like this house did.  I think a blue door is simply adorable. Photo Credit So which was your favorite? How do you like to use red and blue in your summer garden?  Any suggestions for those of us who are still looking?  Let us know in the comments! This post is in conjunction with a fabulous group of women bloggers called Project Be
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Blueberry Hand Pies #SundaySupper

We love to picnic and have always had a few picnics over the years, especially during the summer and football season, although we call them tailgate parties then!  We look for foods that are easily portable and delicious.  No scrimping on the delicious, please! I adore hand pies and even though I don't make them often, I always think of them for my go to dessert for picnics. Who can resist a pie that you can hold in your hand?  I also love these funny little pies for savory dishes, too.  More on that on a later date. Fresh fruit is so easy to use to make these pies.  Change up the blueberries for whatever is in season, using the same recipe as below.  Our favorite is blueberry, but strawberry and blackberry pies are crazy good, too. Blueberry Hand Pies 2 c blueberries, stemmed 1/4 c sugar free granules 1 T cornstarch 1 T lemon juice 1 sheet of puff pastry 1 t sugar 1 egg, beaten Preheat oven to 425.  Defrost puff pastry. In a microwave safe bowl, smash berr
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Chilled Coconut Milk Soup with Herbs #SoupSwappers

Just because it is summer, it doesn't mean you have to give up soup!  Cool and creamy, this soup will be a wonderful addition to your summer meal. This savory soup uses fresh, raw cucumbers and radishes for crunch and texture and the sweetness of the coconut offers a nice contrast.  I like serving chilled soups for a first course in the summer for a lovely beginning to a meal. Cold soups are traditional in many countries, but the United States really hasn't grabbed onto this cuisine as much as others.  Cold borsch from Russia, gazpacho from Spain, and a wonderful lemony soup from Greece are favorites here.  We've also made a delicious cold fruit soup that is delicious as a precourse or as a dessert. This chilled soup is a remake of a Danish buttermilk soup, lightened up but still as refreshing as the original. It is simple to make, just be sure to chill the soup all the way through. Chilled Coconut Milk Soup with Herbs 4 c coconut milk 2 c loosely packed he
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Strawberry Spinach Salad #ImprovChallenge

Summer is such a good time for salads. The vegetables are fresh picked and the fruits are the sweetest and juiciest. The combinations for this salad are endless.  We often substitute the strawberries for whatever fruit is readily available at the farmer's market.  Peaches, blueberries, watermelon and cantaloupe have all been used to replace the strawberries with a delicious result! The vinaigrette dressing is one that I have used since learning about Vom Fass here in St. Louis.  We head to the shop a few times a year to stock up on our favorite balsamic vinegars.  The recipe is ultimately the same, but substituting flavored vinegars gives the dressing a fresh, new taste each time! Basic Balsamic Vinaigrette 4 T very good olive oil 2 T balsamic vinegar 2 T fresh herbs, finely chopped Whisk the oil and vinegar together until emulsified.  Stir in the chopped herbs.  I like to use what we grow in our garden, usually thyme, mint or basil. Strawberry Spinach Pecan Salad
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Blackberry Arnold Palmer #UltimateRecipeChallenge

Another summer iced tea creation!  Using my tea chart that I introduced here, I created this tea using herbs from my garden and fruit from the farmer's market.  I love using what is local and I feel good about having supported my local farmers. As a part of the Ultimate Recipe Challenge, I am joining many bloggers to bring to you summer drinks that are refreshing and cool!  There are two types here, ones with alcohol and those without. Sometimes you just want a drink that cools and refreshes you, like this Blackberry Arnold Palmer. Blackberry Arnold Palmer For one drink 5-6 blackberries 3 oz lemonade 3 oz prepared tea 2 mint leaves Muddle the blackberries with the mint.  Add several ice cubes to a glass, then add lemonade and tea and stir well.  Garnish with additional blackberries. This is such a good drink and gives you a little get up and go when you are finished.  But don't be finished too soon, enjoy the day! Here's the tea chart I made, feel
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Raspberry Limoncello Blush #SundaySupper

It's those hot days of summer when a refreshingly cool cocktail sounds wonderful.  This is the cocktail you will want to make, as the naturally sweet raspberries and the tart lemonade make a delightful and thirst quenching drink.  It is so simple and the directions are for one, even though you could easily make a pitcher to share! Raspberries are ripe this time of year and surprisingly not too expensive.  I like to make a cocktail that doesn't break the bank.  This one features my homemade limoncello which is posted here and is so easy to make that you will want to go get some lemons and start now. The original Raspberry Blush is made with Sangria but I did change it up a bit so I could use my yummy limoncello. I hope you like the change as much as I do! Raspberry Limoncello Blush 5 raspberries 4 oz light lemonade 1 oz limoncello 3 oz soda water 1 lemon curl for garnish Muddle raspberries in the bottom of the shaker.  Let sit for two minutes to create juice.
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In the Garden ~July #ProjectBeautiful

July is a tough month for most gardens.  Whether you are in a hot July or a temperate one, the garden has been working hard all summer to provide beautiful blooms or fruits and vegetables and needs some TLC.  Most of what the garden needs can be found here on the July sheet.  In addition, it is time to deadhead, feed, water and give your plants some extra love. Enjoy your July, summer goes so fast and we must take each and every day to do something we particularly love. For me it is ice cream, the water, my garden, and being with friends. How about you?
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Red and Blue Oatmeal Squares #TasteCreations

We are celebrating the first of July with Picnic Foods here at #TasteCreations!  We are also linking up to our favorite picnic past posts so you will have a great assortment of recipes to dig into when you want to go on a picnic. Be sure to pin this page for future reference! Our July serving to you is an assortment of  picnic foods  that you can use now and until the time when the weather isn't quite conducive to eating outside.  For us here in Missouri, that could be in September or the middle of December.  Who knows. Featured!   Walking on Sunshine The Taste Creation bloggers, Nikki, Teri, Rosemary, Lauren and myself work with a monthly theme and post our creations on the first Monday of the month.  If you are a food blogger and would like to join us, we'd love to have you!  Contact me at We always want a dessert after a picnic but it isn't always easy to bring one along. Cookies are always good and we do bring cookies along for the fun
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