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On the Road Again...

Our Oliver/Steffes Thanksgiving is Sunday... we will be on the road to Marceline on Saturday. Our plans include a stop at Randolph Mercantile to see their Christmas wares, Wien to see Bob's mom and see how she is after her big Thanksgiving party, and then to Marceline for Peanut Night. This is when Santa comes to town. We are planning on taking my great niece and nephew along with my mom and sister. We will stay the night at Wien and then come into Marceline for our dinner. I bring desserts and this year it is a pumpkin cake, pumpkin pie and brownies.

Two Down... One to Go!

Scenes from the Steffes/Fessler Thanksgiving... we think 48 were in attendance! We had great help from Tim who cooked two turkeys and made the dressing! David pitched in and helped a lot! The guys were truly amazing!

Food and Family


Thanksgiving Eve...

We've done our shopping and the table is set... Bob is in the kitchen working his magic with his mother's meatloaf , three cheese macaroni and cheese, brussel sprouts with slab bacon, garlic bread and tomato basil soup with garlic croutons. Ashley and Eric are bringing dessert. We bought a new 9 foot tree for the living room and we are hoping to decorate it while the meatloaf is baking. Who knows, this may become a new family tradition for the Steffes/Hasty families! Happy Thanksgiving to all! May your travels be safe, your food be plentiful and your hearts be grateful!
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Our Thanksgiving Table

Here's a sneak peek at the Thanksgiving table for 2009. I love using fresh flowers but my roses didn't make it to Thanksgiving! This rose is from the grocery store. They have sprayed it with gold glitter and it adds a sparkly touch to the table! Take this little quiz to see how much you know about our friend, the turkey! Turkey Quiz!

Thanksgiving Plans and Preparations

The weekend before Thanksgiving and all through the house, all the creatures are stirring, even a mouse! We are super busy here this weekend. My darling son-in-law and his darling brother delivered our new living room furniture to us today! And then, they took the old stuff to Goodwill and rearranged my furniture to my satisfaction! How sweet is that? Ashley was the director of the whole event. Pictures later, if I find my camera. Sunday we will head to Wien to do the last minute details getting ready for the Steffes/Fessler Thanksgiving. We rotate this event and it is our turn. We have 21 families who come to this event! We have decided to bring Bob's baked macaroni and cheese as our contribution. Our Annual Cookie Exchange is on Thursday morning. I will be making cookies on Tuesday to bring to this event. I am also bringing small gifts for the participants so I need to make those up as well. We will have our family Thanksgiving meal on Wednesday. We are having Ire

Happy Birthday to me!

My 51st birthday was yesterday. I spent the day very quietly. I decided not to do any college homework as my celebration! I opened cards I had received and talked on the phone with my mom, my friend Marsha, and I had the cutest phone call from Jenny and Morgan who sang happy birthday to me twice! Totally adorable!! I got darling ecards from my birthday triplets, Tammy and Tanya (one lives in Canada and the other in California!) and one from Kat (Just a Beach Kat) and Dana (The Stone Rabbit). Kat's featured all these different cakes and Dana videotaped the Stone Rabbit celebrating my birthday with a Mizzou hat and birthday candles!! TOOOOOO CUUUTTEEE! I received over 140 Facebook birthday wishes. I was overwhelmed and so grateful. Bob fixed a totally luscious steak, brussel sprouts, baked sweet potato and garlic bread. It was so yummy. My friend Letha had made a layer spice cake for me and we had that as well. I had a glass of wine that was fabulous!

Week Two Recovery

This week has me quite a bit stronger but still needing a lot of rest. There were a couple of times when I overextended myself but I learned from those mistakes. I had two drainage tubes removed on Monday. OMG. I responded by getting the giggles. Poor Bob was left to deal with the lunatic woman who laughs in the face of extruciating pain. (however, still #2 to the flu test) I have never had anything so barbaric done to me before. No numbing the site, no nothing except, one, two, three, pull. Oh well, it is done and I survived it. Bob called me brave. Can you be brave when you really don't have a choice? Tomorrow stitches are going to be removed. I wonder how brave I will be? I am thinking that I will be just fine.

Recovery is a Wonderful Thing

...*Philippians 4:13 "I can do everything through Him who gives me strength."* Depending on how you look at it... I have drain tubes sticking out of three places... which means my body is cooperating by getting rid of the bad stuff and preparing myself for when I will take over and proccess this on the inside of my body. I hurt terribly when I have a BM... (TMI, yet?) which means my body recognizes that I need to have help and so I have been craving salads and greens which my PEO group provided for me all week. With colitis, salad is not a good thing so it is nice to crave something I usually cannot have! I am so tired... I nap at least 2-3 hours every day plus sleep at night. Needless to say my feet and backside are feeling the pain... but I know that during the sleep my body is repairing itself well. Everywhere I move it is painful... but I am using the pain meds as directed and am slowing weaning myself off. I love to be able to work through the pain as much a