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Fall in New Town

Fall is my favorite season.  It is easy to understand why.  First, my birthday is in the fall, as is Ashley's, my grandpa's, my uncle's, and Halloween and Thanksgiving!  It is also the season of my cancer-free anniversary!! I have sorely neglected this blog this year.  I am deep in the throes of writing my dissertation.  It is coming along nicely and I am thrilled that we are nearing the end.  I want my time back but I love working with my colleagues, Suzy Wilson and Armand Spurgin. We spent the entire weekend, Friday from 9:00 a.m. to Sunday at noon, with a little rest inbetween.  When Suzy and Armand left, I spent more time at school working on a research project for my assistant.  When I finally got home, I did one of my favorite things, I got out all my Halloween decorations! I do not have very many any more, we sold all but a few.  Those are set out, but I HAD to buy more outdoor decorations.  Bob agreed, so we did that this afternoon.  We haven't put them up

A Month in Review: August

August 1.    Happy birthday to Isaac, our great nephew August 2.    A new sign above my door at work August 3     Ashley spent some time with us.  We ate at this unique tapas restaurant. August 4     A shower for our new mommy-to-be! August 5     The annual Wien Picnic August 6     Using our new Green Egg for the first time August 7     Open House at School.  Some of the art in the hall. August 8     Huxley is missing us. August 9     Cozy in my chair! August 10   Truman rarely stand still for a picture, but he did today! August 11    Bob's band plays for a fundraiser. August 12   Waiting for the traffic to clear on the bridge.   August 13   A saying that is very true for me.  Not always a good thing. August 14   I am getting so excited for MU football! August 15   A beautiful night at the Wine Bar in New Town. August 16   First surgery for BC on August 16.  This seemed appropriate! August 17   A festival in Old Saint Charles.  Great craft
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