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Today's Harvest!

Just finished picking some veggies for dinner.... looks like roasted new potatoes and peppers with our pork loin tonight along with some sliced tomatoes.  Slicing up the cucumbers with some onions, sugar and vinegar, just like my Grammie used to make!

Mosaic Monday!

I am guessing there will be a few patriotic mosaics on Mary's Mosiac Monday today! Go to her blog at Little Red House to see more! There are a few family things in this mosaic... one is a table runner from my Aunt Patsy.  Stephanie brought it to JC when she and her family were passing through.   I have had the firecrackers and stars since 1985... they were originally a part of a tic tac toe set I purchased when Ashley was born.   The Uncle Sam has been around for awhile as well.  I bought the cute Longaberger basket years ago.  The other basket holding antique jello molds was a gift from a secret pal.  The darling beanie baby is from my friend Charlotte.  She always knows when someone needs a beanie baby!

Post Surgery Notes

Surgery was fairly easy if you can say such a thing about surgery. I have relatively been pain free except for some twinges here and there. Tomorrow I get to take off the bandages and see Dr. Howards work! Bob surprised me with a gift: a Tiffany charm with a pink center. I love it!

Rush Party!

Karen at Some Days are Diamonds has started a bloggers' sorority and RUSH is today!  For Rush we were to make something from the photo below  and post it with our picture today.  Please, please, pretty please go over to see what Karen made!  It is simply wonderful! Since I just had surgery yesterday to get my new "girls" (breast implants) I am running a bit behind and didn't make the creation I had in mind (a scrapbook cover) but I did manage to make this cute luggage tag to remind me of the wonderful friends there are in our world!  Karen says over 130 people have joined from countries all over the world! A bit about me... I am a born and raised Missouri girl who is an elementary principal at one of the best elementary schools around!  Great kids, fabulous teachers and the best staff around!

Pre Surgery Pampering

Just for Kristen... (snort, laugh, giggle) I am having surgery on Thursday at 7:30 a.m. and so I treated myself to a jelly pedi and a new manicure.  I am feeling very spiffy in my Vera Bradley flip flops and my cute painted toes!

Mosaic Monday!

The folks in my neighborhood are crazy about Stella d' Oro lilies. They are everywhere and they are blooming strong! I am guessing that like us, our neighbors needed a plant that didn't need a lot of care! To keep Stellas blooming all summer long, all you need to do is a little deadheading. This link  will take you to a site that will show you how to properly deadhead a daylily! I should point out that the Stellas by the flag are mine... the others belong to our neighbors, including the dog!

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all those dads out there! I know that this day is special to you! Bob is with Ashley at Barnes Hospital while she is recovering from surgery. While he would rather be with her somewhere else, I know he is glad he is with her. My dad, Jerry Oliver, passed away from thyroid cancer three years ago. Interestingly enough, I miss the very things that used to annoy the heck out of me... specifically his need to tell me everything that is wrong with public schools today, his sarcastic remarks and his very dry sense of humor. I guess I was wrong about it being annoying, I guess I just didn't know what I had. What I had was a dad who wanted everything I was involved in to be perfect for me. He didn't think public education was good enough for me. He wanted me to be a doctor. Guess what dad, I am working on that. It will just be a different kind of doctor than you expected! His sarcastic remarks helped me learn to be quick-witted and not to take anyt

First Tomato of the Season!

I am so ready for this first tomato! Typically I would pick it off the bush and eat it right over the plant but this time I wanted to have some of our garden basil with it. I harvested our first basil crop, too. I want to make this dressing that Pam at sidewalk shoes makes with her basil.  It just sounds so good!  So does a tomato sandwich, on Wonder bread and with real mayonnaise!

Our Anniversary!

 First, let me thank Dana from The Stone Rabbit for letting me use her wonderful idea for this post! Thirty three years ago today, Bob and I were married at a beautiful Catholic church in Wien, Missouri. Our wedding was large for the time but these days I think it would be considered an average sized wedding! The proposal and rings Bob has always been a romantic and his proposal was every bit as wonderful as a girl could imagine. There was a roadside park between Marceline and Brookfield that we used to picnic at quite often. Bob prepared a picnic dinner, and there at sunset, Bob got down on one knee and proposed to me. I guess it is obvious that I said yes! We chose our wedding colors from the colors in the sky during the sunset, pink, lavender and blue. Bob purchased my ring in Kansas City at a store called Dolgins. His parents loved to shop there and it was always such a fun place to go. He picked out a beautiful solitaire diamond ring with a band that wrapped aroun

ooo, Look! A Give Away!

My friend Staci is having a give away at her blog! It is these darling bowl covers! You get to choose the fabric if you win! How wonderful is that? Check out her blog at Podunkian Post Gazette!
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Mosaic Monday

L Let Freedom Ring!

Historic City of Jefferson Tour

Ashley and I love to go on home tours and we look forward to this annual event that the Historic City of Jefferson does each spring. This year was called the Four Corners Tour. I am very familiar with this area as it is where West School is located, where I taught for nine years. The first thing we did was to buy lemonade from one of the three lemonade stands set up by neighborhood kids!  It was hot and the lemonade was good.  Notice the garnish! The first house is such a cute one! It was built in 1936 and has a Spanish flair to it. We loved it! These photos show a couple of the things we really liked about it. We loved the huge home built in 1929.  The original owners owned the bakery in town.  They would have loved the wonderful kitchen that is in that house now!

Mosaic Monday

My first Relay for Life as a breast cancer survivor. I raised nearly $1300 with the help of family and friends. I love you all! See more wonderful mosaics at Little Red House !

Relay for Life

My Relay for Life event is Friday night. I understand that I will get to walk a Survivor's Lap for those who are cancer survivors. That is ME. It is still hard for me to wrap my mind around the fact that I had breast cancer this year. I need $200 to make my $1000 goal. If you can, and would like to donate to my account, go to Terri's Ta Tas and click on DONATE. Thank you.