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Best Things About August

August has really flown by quickly!  Our mild summer was overtaken by the blast of August heat.  It felt good to stay indoors.  We had our 10 month warranty visit by our builders.  It is hard to believe we have almost been in the house a year.  My favorite things about August have nothing to do with the heat or the builder!  I have my list posted below, with a little explanation following about each, and what made it special. 1.  A community in action:  New Town had a builder/developer purchase some acreage away from the Founder, who gave the new owner permission to take the land out of New Town.  This would be a bad move for the home owners and property owners and business owners.  The acreage would hold about 300 New Town homes and that is a source of revenue we will need to keep our commons (green space, lakes, canals, playgrounds, ampitheater) safe and well maintained. We formed a group, organized a petition, gathered over 800 signatures, arranged a speaker and got a bunch
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Our gardens have been looking good this summer.  We have a few plants that just aren't happy where we planted them and that needs to be dealt with, but for now, we are mostly happy with our choices.  The crepe myrtle seems very happy with its location, but the lilac does not.  We will try to replant the lilac in the fall.  The lilac is close to the dining area window and I was hoping for lilac scent to permeate the house this coming spring.  I am probably not going to see that happen. Both crepe myrtles pictured here are the same one! The stella d'oros did fine but the purple coneflower did not.  I will try them again as I really love the wild flower look and they typically bloom all summer.  One of my hydrangeas is great and the other nearly dead and they are side by side!! The astilbe made it on one side of the firepit but not the other.  I love their feathery flowers so I will try them one more time.  Hopefully they will take this fall. Our red flame maple mad

Dinner at Home

Bob loves to cook and lately we've had absolutely no meals at home since I have been working in Columbia.  Last night we were both home so Bob stopped by the grocery store to pick up some things for  dinner.  I could tell he was excited about cooking and so I was excited about what he was going to make. He came home with an ahi tuna steak, asparagus, and potatoes.  He seared the steak (forgot to turn on the fan, though, and my, our alarm system is LOUD), roasted the potatoes and asparagus.  When he plated our dish, he put a corn salsa made by the GlenMark farms here in New Town on the plate first, with the fish on top.  The white sauce is a horseradish cream sauce that we love with veggies and fish. Typically Bob will blacken a tuna, but this time it was just a sear with a few great spices.  I loved the crust on the fish and Bob had it a perfect medium rare.  The asparagus were still crisp and the potatoes roasted on the outside and a creamy texture inside.  Delish and we di
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