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Do You Have The Grill Skills?

Grilling and enjoying the BBQ can become part of your family dynamic. But, for some people, the grill or BBQ is an alien place to be and it can actually be very scary to cook up food outside without the usual comforts of an oven and timer. However, that doesn’t mean to say that you can’t improve upon the skills you have and start to enjoy the BBQ and summer season a little more. With that in mind, here are some tips on how you can be grilling like a pro in no time at all. Wait until you find out what you have been missing.
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30 Minute Spanish-inspired Chicken (Thighs) and Rice

I am so excited about this month's Fantastical Food Fight  because it is all about 30-minute meals. I am so excited to see what my fellow bloggers come up with for you. Here we are making Spanish-inspired Chicken (Thighs) and Rice.  I was inspired by a recipe I saw on Le Creme de la Crumb  but of course, I had to make it my own.

DIY Pore Strips #pinterestchallenge

I am spending so much money on products for my face each month that it is embarrassing.  I am looking for ways to cut expenses and when I found this blog post, I thought I would give their DIY pore strips a try!

Food Hacks: Stop Wasting Food!

Food waste is a real problem in our society . With the ease of finding food in shops and restaurants it can be all too easy to buy too much food for the home and end up throwing it away after a few days. 
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Campfire Potatoes

When my daughter was a tiny girl, we took her camping and she loved it!  She loved playing on the playgrounds and sleeping between her dad and me at night. Oh, and she LOVED the foil-wrapped banana boats we'd make!  I loved making Campfire Potatoes as one of our side dishes. The potatoes would cook while the meat was roasting and the delicious smells that came from our campfire were amazing. Nowadays we cheat and throw these potatoes into the oven, but we still love them so much.  We love them when we cook steak or hamburgers. These potatoes are that versatile.  Plus, you can doctor them up after cooking as much as you want.  I've added sour cream, cheese, and bacon for Loaded Campfire Potatoes, too! I don't hear a lot of people camping these days and I feel like it is something we are losing as a nation.  We have the most beautiful national parks in the world, and we can enjoy them for almost nothing.  My grandparents liked to visit the parks and we got the bug,

A Glitter of Gold Book Review

I was given a copy of this book by Revell Reads in exchange for my honest opinion. A Glitter of Gold by Liz Johnson is the second in a series called the Georgia Coast Romance books. You can read this book as a stand-alone, as it has new characters and plot.  A Sparkle of Silver was the first book in this series and I cannot wait to get my hands on that book! The book's main character is Anne, who has a back history that has made her very leery of romance and relationships. She's recently out of prison, falsely accused, and has moved away from her childhood home of California, to Savannah, Georgia, where she gives pirate tours.  She meets up with Carter, a museum director who is trying his best to save the museum from financial ruin.  Carter has a diary that has been in his family for years, that describes a shipwreck.  Anne finds an artifact on the shore of the beach near her home, that seems to be a relic from a long-ago shipwreck.  It is clear that both feel shame ab
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Strawberry Lemonade Ice Cream Pie

This lemonade pie is the perfect blend of creamy and tart. It is a breeze to make and a wonderful dessert to bring a summer event. Keep it in the freezer before serving.  We've just had the hottest summer on record, and this is a great way to cool yourself down.

Mango Watermelon Salad

It is this time of year, in the dog days of summer, when I tire of the usual potluck dish that I have made all summer. That's when I switch to this refreshing salad, at the peak of watermelon season.  It is easy to make and can be made the day before, saving you time before the party.

Cherry Cobbler with Mint Ice Cream

I love a good cobbler but I have no business making a full-sized cobbler when I don't have company. I will cozy up to the kitchen island and just dig in, with a carton of vanilla ice cream by my side. I'd be a happy little camper just scooping cobbler in my mouth.

Fresh Peach Daiquiri

Welcome to Stone Fruit Week!  All this week we are sharing recipes with you with our favorite stone fruits. What is a stone fruit, you ask?  Great question!  Let me give you a little lesson on stone fruits. I can't help it. It's the teacher in me.

Grilled Peaches with Candied Ginger Ice Cream

Grilled peaches are a simple dessert, made more special by using the height-of-the-season sweet peaches. Imagine sitting outside, finishing up the summer dinner that you grilled. Using the residual heat, you place the peaches on the grill, letting the sugars caramelize. The sweet smell floats across the patio. Placing these peaches on vanilla ice cream would be stunning, but plating them with candied ginger ice cream takes it to another level.

Rustic Eggs with Herbs

I make these Rustic Eggs with Herbs almost every day for my breakfast. I love not having a bowl to clean after making breakfast, and I can switch up the herbs using what I find at our Farmers Market cheap that week. I grow a lot of herbs myself, but not the fancy varieties. I love the lemon thyme I find every now and again!

Tequila Salsa

Aren't you loving all the recipes for Farmers Market Week?  I am gathering a lot of new recipes to use with all the fresh produce that is being sold now.  One of the best produce items this week are tomatoes. I adore tomatoes, and I love this salsa recipe!

Planning a Trip to the United Kingdom

It is little surprise that the stunning county of Sussex is establishing itself as a firm favorite for visitors from all over the world. If you are planning on visiting the UK from the US, Sussex is somewhere to think about visiting. In spite of this, you need to make sure you visit at the right time in order to truly get the best out of your holiday. Read on and you will discover some of the best times to visit Sussex in relation to what you want from your holiday. 

Curb Appeal: It's More than What Meets the Eye

Homeowners think curb appeal is essential because it increases the value of a home. While this is true, there is more to a house than an extra couple of grand. Yes, you need to make sure that your home stands out from the crowd if you’re looking to make money, yet there are other considerations too. After all, a home covers all the bases, not just your bank balance.

Mexican Street Corn

This week the Festive Foodies bloggers are going to share with you recipes using ingredients found at the Farmer's Market. You will have so many recipes to try and all of them are taste-tested by the bloggers who share them. You can have 100% confidence in our recipes!

Bourbon Basil Ice Cream Topping #TasteCreations

Our theme for August is all things creams, slushies, sherbets, toppings and more!  I wanted to share with you an adult version of a cold dessert, and nothing tops ice cream as the dessert of choice.  Topped with this Bourbon Basil Ice Cream Topping, you have a dessert that carries you into the evening and cocktails on the patio!
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Easy Peasy Chocolate Smoothie

I don't remember smoothies being a "thing" when my daughter was in school, but I know that she would have loved this delicious smoothie.  Getting out the door fast with good nutrition in hand is a mother's dream!

Home Maintenance Made Easy!

Owning a home is a great source of joy and comfort for many people, but maintaining the home can be a huge source of stress. Home maintenance can be costly and even dangerous at times. Here, we’re going to look at a few things that can make home maintenance feel so much easier for you.
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Apple Cake with Vanilla Bean Sauce #backtoschooltreats

I received product samples from sponsor companies to aid in the creation of the  #BacktoSchoolTreats week recipes. All opinions are mine alone. I hope you have enjoyed #BackToSchoolTreats Week!  So many wonderful ideas and recipes for treats for your after school needs.  I love this apple cake as you can make it advance, portion control the servings and add the topping straight from the fridge.  Good stuff. The apple cake is made with some of my favorite brands, Taylor & Colledge Vanilla Paste and  Flahavan's Oatmeal. I'm excited to share this recipe with you.  This cake is great cold or warm. The vanilla sauce is good warm or cold. Think of the combinations you can make!  Try dusting it with powdered sugar, or swiping peanut butter across the top when it is warm. Oh, my. This makes nine pieces that can be portioned out and put in the refrigerator for an instant snack. Pop in the microwave for about 30 seconds to make it warm, if you desire.  This is good served