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Downtown Diner

There is a new local restaurant in Jefferson City called Downtown Diner. Bob, Ashley and I visited there on Saturday. Our food was great, Bob had a breakfast burrito, Ashley had eggs, toast, bacon and hash browns, and I had poached eggs and toast. We ordered a side of biscuits and gravy, too. Although the food was wonderful, what will make us go back was hearing the owner in the back saying, "you are all doing a great job... keep up the good work."

Hair Reveal

I didn't get the hot pink I desired, but I think the kids will like it!

Happy Anniversary Ashley and Eric!

This is Ashley and Eric's second wedding anniversary. I have been playing with my new iPhoto that came with my new MacBook Pro. Doesn't the top photo look like a scene from a wedding in the 40s? I love it. It was taken in the basement of the church and I just blurred the walls and window and people out of the background.

Weekend Fun!

On Saturday we went to the movies with Bob's brother Gary and his wife Joy, and his mom. We went to see The Diary of a Wimpy Kid . It was entertaining and fun! Afterwards we went to dinner and Ashley and Eric joined us. We went to a Japanese Steakhouse called Kobe's and totally enjoyed ourselves. Since Ashley and Eric will be celebrating their second wedding anniversary, we surprised them with a pineapple boat and having their picture taken by the restaurant crew. They were totally surprised. It was so much fun to be together with family!

Earth Hour

Are you participating tonight? At 8:30 p.m. across the world, millions of homes and businesses will turn off their lights in order to promote saving the climate of the earth. In Jefferson City, our state Capitol will be participating. Think about adding your voice to this major world wide event!

What was I thinking??

Our middle school collects books to send to libraries in Africa. They are having a contest between the MS principal and my assistant principal that one of them will have to shave off their facial hair by whomever collects the most money for the postage it takes to send off the books. Last year it cost over $400. The committee asked the elementary school to get involved and I agreed. The school needed to raise $100 and then I would dye my hair either pink or purple. Here's where the "what was I thinking" part comes in. I have to dye my hair either way!! We raised $40 on Monday, and by Wednesday, only $51. I thought I was in the clear but on Thursday my secretary said there was $170! and .... Friday is still left! The kids clearly want pink, I think that is related to my breast cancer, but I have decided to put some purple highlights in my hair as well. The big reveal is Monday morning at an all school assembly. I am going to have a medley of music about hair

Junk in my Trunk

I was watching tv last night, American Idol if you must know, and Monica came on (the stand up comedian) who was showing off her new body which is a size 16. She was so excited about it! It was fun to see a woman who didn't have to be a size 0 to be happy. Truly, I thought of the phrase "junk in my trunk" and realized that I have two good boxes that I got from school in the back of my car. They have been there for two weeks. What's up with that? Does anyone else use their car as storage? I hereby make a promise to get the boxes out of my trunk TONIGHT.

Bustopher 1994-2010

Our cat Bustopher passed away this morning from symptoms of old age. Bustopher was a complex cat, he loved his family and hated strangers, even if he had met them before. He used to chase my sister on two legs when she would come to visit, trying to scare her (he did). He hated going to the vets. They would come out to the car to give him his shots. He loved Dakota, our Westie, who passed away a couple of years ago. He wasn't terribly fond of our new dogs, Truman and Wilson, although I saw him sleeping curled up with Truman a time or two. As a kitten he was skittish about everything. He'd jump straight up in the air when the phone rang. His favorite thing to do was to lay on me. Really. No matter where I was sitting, he was either on my lap or around my neck. If I was laying on my side, he was on my hip. At night he'd sneak up by our heads and sleep between our pillows. He also would try to sneak up on our food or drinks... while we were sitting right there!

Doobie Brothers and Shakespeare's Pizza

Bob surprised me with tickets to see the Doobie Brothers tonight in Columbia. Before the concert we had dinner with Ashley and Eric and Eric's parents, Bob and Renee. We chose Shakespeare's Pizza, a pizza restaurant in Columbia that has been there for years. This pizza is special. The crust is crisp on the outside, chewy on the inside. The sauce is deep, rich tomato and the pepperoni is homemade by the restaurant. It is easily the best pizza in Columbia. It is unconfirmed but we believe my Uncle Bobby worked there in the 50s when he was in college. After pizza we headed over to Jesse Hall and saw a fabulous concert! The Doobie Brothers can still rock it! China Grove, Black Water and Listen to the Music...

My First Relay for Life

A local insurance agency, Naught Naught Company, is sponsoring me this year in our local county Relay for Life. It will be my first Relay for Life as a survivor! I have a goal to raise $1000 for my team. If you feel inclined, you can donate through my personal website on the American Cancer Society webpage here: Terri's Ta Tas! Lets get rid of this disease! Let's make sure our daughters, our friends, our mothers, our aunts... don't go through the rigors of this treatment ever again! Donate any amount. All is needed and put to good use!

Principal's Day

Last Wednesday was Principals' Day and the students made darling posters for us and hung them around school. Our kids are so great!

Hans and Franz

It has been three weeks since my last surgery where I had expanders put in to my chest cavity. These will be systematically filled with saline solution to create enough space for my implants later in May. I have named my new expanders Hans and Franz from the old Saturday Night Live skit. On the days when I go in to Pump Me UP I can just tell my staff we are having a Hans and Franz day. The doc fills a super huge syringe with about 2 oz of saline solution and injects the solution through a metal disk that is under my skin. The whole process takes just a few minutes and looks much worse that it really is. I have three Pump Me Up days in March, then we let the expanders rest for a month, stretching the skin and making room for my new (Bob hopes DD) implants. Bob is gonna have to keep hoping.