14 March 2011

What a difference a day makes!

On Sunday I was walking around my house and noticed the buds coming out on the redbud tree and I captured it with my camera

 and then this morning I woke up to this!

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  1. Oh wow, quite a difference! ;0)

  2. What a nasty trick! Your weather has been exceptionally odd this winter. Thanks for documenting it. (I am quite certain that we'll see some snow again before it's over, but we expect it up heah.)

  3. Anonymous7:19 AM

    Agre, that is quite a difference!! But I must add, I'm glad it's you and not me. We didn't get spit in Macon. However, just north of Moberly I saw one snowflake on the way to work. Lisa

  4. Again??? So sad. Well, at least it is pretty.


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