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A St. Patrick's Day to Remember!

When we made plans last week to see the Diana exhibit in Kansas City, we never thought of the date which happened to be St. Patrick's Day. When my friend Dana heard what we were doing, she immediately told me how busy downtown was going to be, after all, Kansas City does have the second largest St. Patrick's Day Parade in the United States.


I was thrilled to hear we would be in the midst of a huge parade.  I begged Bob to go and he agreed to do it.  Unheard of.  A last minute change of plans.

We left Jeff City a little earlier than planned, in order to get a decent parking space.  I had downloaded the parking areas and printed them off... and left them in the printer.  I discovered that fact when it was time to decide where to park.  Of course, I get out my iPhone and start downloading the directions.  I had plenty of time to do it, as traffic was not moving a lick.

By the time we hit the parade's beginning at 33rd and Broadway, Bob tells Ash and me to jump out of the car and start walking.  He'd park the car and meet us.  Ashley and I started walking through the waves of green, getting beads from Union workers and my photo taken with Charlie Brown!  We finally made it passed the parade entries and decided to cross the street.  One lady took exception with us crossing the street by her.  I think she wanted us to stay where we were but we had designs on standing in front of the Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church.

We barely find a place to stand, and we are an hour early.  It was fun to people watch and about 30 minutes into the wait, Bob shows up and stands with us.  He blocks the 30 mph winds that torment the parade for the first hour.  We gave up and started walking to the car when the crowds got so bad you had to hold your breath to make room for all of us!

It was a people watchers paradise and something I would love to do again!

We were actually in KC to see the Diana exhibit.  It was wonderful but you couldn't take pictures.  I wanted to sooo bad!  There was only one allowed photo in the gift shop, and this is it:

Replica of Diana's wedding cake.  See her photo behind it?

Sharing at the Little Red House Mosaic Monday!

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