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We will be forever grateful that you shared your life with us.

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  1. Anonymous10:37 PM

    Sweet Dakota is in a better place. She is free from pain even though I know your hearts are breaking. Someone once told me that dogs don't live as long as humans because they don't have to work as hard to get to heaven! I am glad I was able to know Dakota!

  2. Anonymous10:38 PM

    That last post was me, forgot to sign it.

  3. Oh...how sad. What a sweet face. This breaks my heart.

    Extra hugs sweet friend!

  4. Sending you lots of hugs. Sorry to read about Dakota passing.

  5. YOu know, our pets are much more than pets, they are members of the family who help keep us on an even keel, control our blood pressure, (depending on what they've done and where they've done it)...I have cried more tears over my pets than many family members...mainly because they were closer than some family members...Dakota had a wonderful life I'm sure, I wish you pleasure in your memories of him, that day will come though you think it won't right now. I'm thinking of you, Terri...don't let others tell you that it's silly to cry for a dog...after all, dog is God spelled backwards...
    and sympathy

  6. Oh Terri, I am so sorry to hear about sweet Dakota passing! {{{Hugs}}}

  7. So sad!

    Hope you are ok.

    Becky K.

  8. What a sweetheart. You'll be missing this one...my heart goes out to you.

    Becky K.

  9. Terri I am so sorry to hear of your loss of Dakota.


  10. Anonymous2:19 PM

    Truly a shame to lose such a good friend.
    Hugs, hon.

  11. Anonymous6:31 PM

    Awww....sweet little pookie pie...
    Hope you are well during these darn storms.

  12. Terri,
    Just stopped in to say "hi" and saw your post on Dakota...I am so sorry for your loss...our pets are our family, too...and it hurts to loose them...I am sure he will forever be in your hearts...what a little sweetie...love that face! I am thinking of you and your sweet family...(((hugs))) to you all.


  13. Oh Terri my heart is hurting for you and Bob! My sweet buddies are like my babies! Dakota is at peace and maybe that will help your heart somewhat, and knowing that we are sad with you. so sorry!

  14. Oh no. I don't know what to say other than I've seen too many postings just like this in the past few days. I am so sorry. They are family, they aren't animals, they are family, friends, pals, playmates, soulmates, you name it. People who have pets are better souls!!! hugs and more hugs...

  15. I am very sorry you lost your little pardner...
    One of my granddaughters had a little one like Dakota and lost it, too. Very sad.
    love, bj

  16. Hi Terri,
    I'm so sad and sorry for the loss of your Dakota.

  17. What a cutie! I know she will be greatly missed. I'm so sorry for your loss.

  18. Terri I've been thinking about you during this awful time. I'm so sorry to hear about Dakota. Being a Westie lover myself I know what a joy they are, and the emptiness in your heart when they're gone.

    Sending extra hugs to you, Bob and Ashley.

  19. Terri - I'm so sorry to read that you've lost your Dakota. I still miss my dog, Montana, and my cat Missy. Tana left us back in 1999 and Missy back in 2001. They were members of our family though, so I can identify with the loss you're feeling. (Good picture, by the way. What a perfectly charming little face!)

  20. I'm so sad for you. Dakota was a real cutie.

  21. I saw you over on Robyn's blog and knew I had to stop by. The loss of a beloved friend. The pain really never goes away. I know. I wish your Dakota God's speed and a beautiful life, till you all meet again.


  22. A beautiful photo tribute. Sorry to hear about your loss of your sweet four-footed friend.

    kari & kijsa

  23. I am so sorry to hear about Dakota....hold on to the wonderful memories you have...

  24. Oh Terri, I am so sad. Dakota looks just like Winston and was the same age. My heart breaks for you. Westies are the best. How blessed you must feel to have had her a part of your life. That is what makes it hurt so much to lose them. They are so loved.

    Sending you big tearful hugs,


  25. Oh Terri. I stopped in to see you and saw this and began to cry. I wish I could say something profound or of comfort. All I know is that we are better for having shared in their lives...for having the love us. We are better because we loved them.
    Allow yourself to grieve and never let anyone tell you a dog is *just a dog*. They are part of our families, our lives, our hearts. Bless you sweet Terri....my heart is with you.
    I will keep Dakota in my thoughts and heart this week.


  26. I am so sad about Dakota. It hurts so much and seems so impossible to believe when a little pet is gone. I am sending you a big hug!


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