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I am from a small town in northern Missouri called Marceline. It is just a small town like many others, maybe a bit special for being known as "the boyhood home of Walt Disney". I went to Walt Disney Elementary School, played in Walt Disney Park and swam at the Walt Disney Swimming Pool. I love being connected to him in this small way!

With the recent weather we have had here in Missouri, it reminded me of a series of tornados we had in 1966. My dad was fascinated with weather and we would often watch lightening from our front porch and marvel in its beauty. Dad would warn us about the dangers of being out in the weather, all while we were "out in the weather."

One time we were getting softball sized hail and dad took Tammi and me out to watch it. The hail came down hard but slow, only a few per minute. I convinced Tammi to run out and get one and she got clobbered but good on the head by one of the hailstones. My dad scolded her but let her keep the hailstone wrapped in plastic. I think my mom just got rid of it a few months ago.

Another time dad and I watched a tornado form and touch down just a few blocks from us. We saw it hit a tree and I remember dad yelling... Get downstairs! I remember trying to get the door open to the cellar and dad had to do it. We could hear what sounded like a freight train. I remember dad being right behind me and pulling the door down and latching it. Mom yelled at dad for having me out in the storm but dad just laughed. It was a close call but we didn't tell mom how close.

There were other tornados and wild windy storms but I don't remember dad letting us do much after that tornado. I think it scared him as much as it did mom!

Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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