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Our First 2009 Tailgate!

Saturday is our first tailgate party! The Mizzou Tigers play Bowling Green at 6 and while I will make the game, I will not make the tailgate party! My first class of my doctorate program starts Saturday and I cannot miss it!

Our menu:

Yummy chili, a new recipe which will be shared if it is a success. Basically instead of hamburger, we are using steak chunks. Should be a lovely dish!

Green chili corn muffins

Monkey bread (for a breakfast treat)

And we are conducting a taste test between Nathan's hot dogs and Oscar Meyer. We'll let you know the results!

Dessert: Cake Mix Cookies (I'll have to hide them from Bob or come up with another dessert!)

Since I cannot be there I will be assembling the foods ahead of time and all Bob will need to do is grill the hotdogs and heat up the chili! It should take off some stress, although I know Ashley will step up to the plate and be a grand hostess. I cannot wait to see the pictures!

Go Tigers!!
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