First Tomato of the Season!

I am so ready for this first tomato! Typically I would pick it off the bush and eat it right over the plant but this time I wanted to have some of our garden basil with it. I harvested our first basil crop, too. I want to make this dressing that Pam at sidewalk shoes makes with her basil.  It just sounds so good!  So does a tomato sandwich, on Wonder bread and with real mayonnaise!

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  1. All I can say is Yum!!

    Waiting for our first tomato...I've been using the basil for while, with store bought tomatoes, but there is nothing like a real tomato!

  2. have some early tomatoes! It looks yummy!


  3. Ummm, tomato and basil... the perfect pair!

  4. Oh that looks so good. I love love love basil and tomatoes.

    Happy Fathers Day to your sweet hubby.


  5. I can't wait till we get some veggies, Still have a little time to go up north here, though.


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