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Aging Wine...

Bob has tried many times to get a good age on a bottle of wine.  He liked this house specifically when we bought it in 2002 when he saw a concrete room perfect for wine.  He built his own wine racks and carefully placed his wines in the cellar, turning them every so often...

Bob put a 1975 Margaux in the cellar.  At the time we knew that it was likely that the wine was not in good condition as we had it stored in less-than-ideal situation in our former home.  We were saving it for that perfect occasion.   Bob also had a 1994 Jordan that he got from friends in South Dakota.  He had that wine stored the same as the Margaux.

Time passes, and the perfect occasion comes and goes (the wine forgotten!) and suddenly you realize that the perfect occasion happens when the people you love are siting around you.  That's what happened this time.

Ashley and Eric were home for the holidays and we had just rang in the 2012 New Year.  That perfect occasion was NOW.

Bob opened the Margaux and to his disappointment, the cork disintegrated.  Bob took great care to see that the cork was always wet.  The wine was a deep maroon.  We let it breathe for awhile and ran it through an aerator and took a sip.  The wine was good, but not with the deep, smooth taste that the Margaux should have had. On the internet the average price for this bottle of wine was $375. 

Next he opened the Jordan.  The color was similar, but the wine was much better.  A review of the literature on this wine said that it was past its peak but we still had a great wine, with deep cherry flavor and that smooth-as-milk feel in your mouth.  I saw on the internet that the price of this bottle runs from $60 to $100 a bottle.

I hope Bob doesn't give up on aging wine.  I think that the anticipation, along with the fun over the years, outweighs the once in a while disappointment. 
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