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Dinner Train

 Bob and I went on the Columbia Star Dinner Train last night.  The company was offering a St. Patrick's Day deal for $50 for all the green beer, cabbage and corned beef you could consume.  We love St. Patrick's Day but do not like the crowds at the bars.   This seemed to be a great alternative.

We had a terrible time finding the place, due to poor directions on the website but again, our lovely GPS came to the rescue.  When we arrived, people were standing outside, near a blue train that had six cars.  We were given tickets by Security, along with a shamrock necklace, and waited to board.

Boarding was uneventful.  We stood in line and climbed up the steps and went into the car.  Bob thought there should have been a Porter waiting for us.  We passed the food buffet and sat down at a table.  A cheerful waiter came and gave us green beer right away.  Since I am not a beer drinker, I asked the waiter what he recommended.  He suggested I try an Irish Car Bomb.  He said it tasted like chocolate milk so I said, Sure!

What I got was a 1/2 glass of Guinness beer, with a side shot of Jamison whiskey and Bailey's Irish Cream.  The shot is dropped into the beer, which then foams up.  The second it starts foaming, you must gulp it down or it curdles.  I slightly remember the chocolate taste.  The drink goes down smooth, and I don't like beer!

We started going down the tracks at a very slow pace.  Dinner was served quickly and the food was very good.  We had roasted potatoes, corned beef, boiled cabbage and soda bread.  We could eat as much as we wanted and the food was replenished often.  Bob and I enjoyed the scenic Missouri countryside until the sun set.  Then we simply enjoyed each others company. 

Along the way we saw a lot of folks sitting on their porches.  When the train approached, people would stand up and wave to the train.  We thought this was unusual until we saw cars of kids waiting to wave at the folks on the dinner train.  Seems like this is a Saturday night thing to do along the train tracks!

Even though we thought we'd get away from the drunken crowd, not-so-much.  However, the drunks were 60 and 70 year olds, so it was kind of funny.

Over all we had a great trip and are making plans to do it again.  We think the murder mysteries and the fancier dinners will be more fun.  Plus, we'd like to go with friends!  Any takers?

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  1. I had no idea Columbia had such a thing. The mystery train ride might be interesting!!

  2. Anonymous4:01 PM

    Terri, several years ago we took the kids to a Country Inn not far from us. The Inn is an old train station and the rooms are renovated cars!! It was great and they loved it! Your night looks like alot of fun too!

  3. Oh yes, the mystery train ride sounds fascinating. I'm not a fan of drunks, though. What am I going to do with you two? Hahahahahahahaha... You DO know I am teasing, right? Just teasing...

  4. Oh, how fun!!! Wish I had had that chance...love the whole idea of it! Sounds like the drink you had was one we call a Depth Charge, lol...
    Thanks for sharing


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