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A Month in Review: August

August 1.    Happy birthday to Isaac, our great nephew
August 2.    A new sign above my door at work
August 3     Ashley spent some time with us.  We ate at this unique tapas restaurant.
August 4     A shower for our new mommy-to-be!
August 5     The annual Wien Picnic
August 6     Using our new Green Egg for the first time
August 7     Open House at School.  Some of the art in the hall.
August 8     Huxley is missing us.
August 9     Cozy in my chair!
August 10   Truman rarely stand still for a picture, but he did today!
August 11    Bob's band plays for a fundraiser.
August 12   Waiting for the traffic to clear on the bridge.  
August 13   A saying that is very true for me.  Not always a good thing.
August 14   I am getting so excited for MU football!
August 15   A beautiful night at the Wine Bar in New Town.
August 16   First surgery for BC on August 16.  This seemed appropriate!
August 17   A festival in Old Saint Charles.  Great crafts!!
August 18   A festival in New Town.  This place keeps everyone entertained1
August 19   ACS night at the Cardinals stadium.  
August 20   My first meeting in New Town.  It was the Garden Club!
August 21   Our first semi pro baseball game.  It was so much fun!
August 22   Our darling Huxley
August 23   Us.  Enjoying our lives
August 24   The Wine Bar in New Town.  Good place for fun!
August 25   Adam and Jessica's camo wedding
August 26   New Town continually gives us beautiful sunsets.
August 27   Me and my sweet momma.
August 28   Beautiful morning in New Town.  Going to work.
August 29   Working on the dissertation.  It will get done.
August 30   My view driving into work.  With the city highway, it is a nice change.
August 31.  Hmmm.  I guess I forgot to pick a pic.

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  1. Hi Miss Teri. For some reason I can't get the pictures to enlarge! But it looks like you are having a lot of fun!

    Happy September!


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