A Month in Review December 2012

This month My365 had a lot of issues, so not all pictures were loaded correctly.  I tried to wait them out as far as getting the app updated, but it is taking too long for me!  So here it is, faults and all!

What's even more distressing is that what is on the website does not match what is on the app!!  Oh well, here goes:

1.  The first tree decorated and up was the Mizzou tree which won second place in a Christmas tree contest!!
2.  I held a Cookie Swap in New Town!  Lots of fun and met some great people!
3.  Pointsettias planted in the ground in Hawaii
4.  My favorite Christmas tree of all time, painted by my mom!
5.  A shot of all my favorite Christmas decs, mostly made by my mom.
6.  Lights and more lights at Tilley Park.
7.  The manger scene in Augusta, MO.
8.  Stockings hung at the mansion on SLU campus.
9.  New Town annual ornament.
10.  Wilson and Truman getting to visit Santa!
11.  All the ornaments from the GLU ornament swap.
12.  Our tree
13.  Lights at Fort Zumwalt.
14.  2CPU playing at Prison Brews.
15.  Lovely luncheon for PEO.
16.  Shopping at Frontenac, hearing some holiday tunes on the piano.
17. The stockings by our fireplace
18. Our dinner and a movie theater  Excellent!
19.  Candlelight tour at the First Capitol.
20.  Bob playing the drums for my first graders.
21.  Santa at school.
22.  My school stash!
23.  My mom's tree
24.  Me being NICE.
26.  All of us at the hotel before seeing a movie.
27.  TSO!
28.  At the history museum.  I think these were my clothes.
29.  Ashley and me at the KC Plaza, admiring the lights.
31.  Happy New Year's Eve!!
Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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