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5th Annual Memorial Day Cook Off!

Beautiful Memorial Day decorations in New Town
 The Steffes/Hasty crew conducted their 5th annual Memorial Day Cook Off today!  To recap the last four winners, let's start with 2012:  Ashley and Terri's Island Burger won first place in Bloomington!  The burger featured grilled pineapple and a teriyaki glaze served on a Hawaiian roll.  In 2011 the winner was clearly Ashley with her chorizo burger with avocado mayonnaise.  Spicy and yummy!  Bob won in 2010 with his Grecian burger.  In 2009, the competition was between burgers, not BBQ'ers!  The winner her was the Inside Out Burger over the Cola burger.  Both were yummy, as I recall!! 

Ashley and Eric are in St. Louis visiting Bob and Terri in their new apartment in New Town St. Charles.  With a new venue, anyone can be a winner!  Will moving to St. Charles upset Ashley's winning streak?

I think one of the reasons we enjoy this Cook Off so much is that our dads, Jerry Oliver, and Giles Steffes, enjoyed BBQing so much.  Both Jerry and Giles served in the Korean Conflict.  We were fortunate that they both came back to their families, but both had friends they lost.

Today we were so crowded preparing our burgers in our teeny kitchen.  Eric was able to use the breakfast bar as his area and that helped a lot!  I had to make part of mine early due to the marinating time.  Ashley and Bob both had burgers that took a bit of preparation.

Left to right:  Risotto Burger, Korean Burger, Mexi-Spanish Burger, Jalapeno Poppers Burger
Eric made a Risotto Burger (meatlesss).  It was baked in the oven, not grilled, and topped with a white cheese.  Ashley made a Jalapeno Popper Burger that had cream cheese in the middle, Bob made a Mexi-Spanish burger dressed with guacamole and salsa and I made a Korean burger topped with a Korean slaw and Swiss cheese.  The decision making was close, but we all agreed that Eric's Risotto Burger won!
Tiramisu Cake and Gelato for dessert
Due to an incoming storm, we hurriedly packed Ashley, Eric and Huxley off to Bloomington.  They have been gone about 30 minutes and it is beginning to thunder here.  Another wonderful Memorial Day, spent thinking of our family who served and enjoying each others' company.  No better way to do it!

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  1. Testing...maybe it'll fly.

    You know, I find it very ironic that a meatless risotto concoction won this, but congrats to Eric! You always have such fun together!

  2. I told my husband about the risotto burger and he's intrigued!


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