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It is on my summer bucket list to make ice cream.  I think it has been my favorite treat forever.  My dad used to take my sister, my mom and me to our local A & W for an ice cream cone many times over the summer.  Yummy!  When we rode there in our purple Plymouth, we thought we were hot stuff.

I remember having homemade ice cream with my grandparents.  I remember we got to sit on the ice cream maker while it was being turned.  I also remember sticking my fingers into the ice water and licking them...and getting a mouth full of salt water.  Not-so-yummy.

Dad didn't like the junket style ice cream, he always had mom make a custard.  It had eggs and whole milk and cream in it.  I remember mom stirring it up the night before so it could get cold in the fridge.  Then we'd make it up with grandpa and grandma.  Grandma usually had peaches or strawberries to put on top.

Here's the recipe I tried tonight.

1 can nonfat condensed milk
1 12 oz container of Greek yogurt (this one had chocolate chips in it)
1 c almond breeze
1/2 cup chocolate chips.

First I mixed the yogurt and the evaporated milk, then I added the almond breeze and the chocolate chips.  I poured the mixture into my freezer and turned it on.  After freezing in the ice cream maker, pack into a freezer safe container and freeze.

The ice cream was delicious, with that special tangy flavor that Greek yogurt has.  If you don't like Greek yogurt, replace it with vanilla yogurt and add more chocolate chips. 

I have to also say, I love my Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker!  I store the cylinders in my freezer at all times so I am ready to make up some ice cream any time I want.  I am sure my grandparents would be doing the same.

Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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