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Day 55

I think I am going through mid-construction crisis.  With the sheetrock nearly finished (all but the nails are covered), I can see design flaws that I should have thought out and corrected before it was too late, as it is now.  There is nothing that I can't live with, and I still haven't submitted any change orders (at $250 a pop) so I am feeling good about that.  Maybe when the fun pieces start to be put into place, I won't see all the "mistakes".

Part of the siding is up!  I think the contractor was excited to see a different color come into the neighborhood.  We chose James Hardie Boothbay Blue and we are the first to use it.  I am hoping others will like it and start using it, too.  Bob calls it a steel blue.

I do love the amount of natural lighting that is in the house. The living room and kitchen and dining room feel bright and airy.  The bedroom, which is in the opposite corner of the dining room is quiet and dark.  Love it!

We have four cans, four pendant lights and a chandelier for overhead lighting in the kitchen/dining area.  I think Bob will find it bright enough to read a new recipe or two when he cooks.  That was my thinking when we started adding lights!

I am very happy about the nine foot ceilings, too.  That really adds to the feeling of spaciousness in the living room, which is fairly small and cozy. 

My next excitement will come with seeing the house fully sided.  I think by then I will be over my mid construction crisis and ready for the final stages of home building.

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