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Our 37th Anniversary Celebration

For a couple who regularly dines out, it was quite the conversation to choose a restaurant for our anniversary.  One of the very reasons we chose to move to St. Louis was the variety of opportunities for fine dining.  One restaurant was on our list that we hadn't yet tried, and that was Tony's.

Tony's is that restaurant that still has a dress code, but doesn't have to enforce it... you WANT to dress up when you come here.  That's probably one of the reasons we hadn't ventured out to it, we wanted to save it for a special occasion.  It reminds me some of the Gaslight in Macon, for those of you who read my blog and remember this fine dining establishment that was so popular.  It is where Bob and I held our rehearsal dinner.  Loved that place!

We are seated quickly and served a beautiful bread tray immediately.  We are introduced to our table captain, who I believe was Bruce. He got us both a cocktail and took our order for appetizers.  We decided to try squash blossoms stuffed with cheese and batter dipped and fried.  We also had a bit of pate.  A nice suggestion and very tasty.  The squash blossoms were served over a leafy green salad.

We ordered dinner and here's where things got fun.  Tony's does tableside service for nearly every food dish.  We watched salads being made, soups heated, meat dishes assembled... it was fun!  Time flew by as we watched our neighbors being served.  Bob ordered the Dover sole, and it came to our table by our waiter who heated the fish and deboned it while we watched.  Deboning a filet of fish is difficult but our waiter made it look like a ballet!  So talented!  I ordered a lobster dish that required him to make a cream sauce at our table.  It was so beautiful and the garlic, butter and cream melted together and the aroma!  The fettucine on my dish was house made and delicious.

As we were waiting on dessert, one of the owners, Vince Bommarito, came over and greeted us and wished us a happy anniversary.  He came back at different times and when he learned it was our first visit, he dropped his card on our table and told us to come back. 

We ordered dessert, a chocolate cake with homemade banana ice cream on the recommendation of our server (note:  Table Captain, Waiter and a Server).  Fabulous!!  Then a piece of cake comes to us from Vince to wish us a happy anniversary.  We were over-the-top full so it was boxed up for us to take home.

Wonderful experience, fabulous food, attentive table staff, charming Vince, and when we came out, the trees were sparkling with lights.  A perfect, romantic dinner for the two of us.

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  1. Congratulations!!! I so miss restaurants of those type. I remember years ago, table side was in lots of nice restaurants!! I love all the service, too.

  2. Oh my .. in the late 50s Tony's was THE place to go after proms! Of course your date needed deep pockets. Every time I return to St. Louis .. Having dinner there is a must! I am traveling there mid-October, can't wait! Glad your experience was wonderful! Congrats.


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