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Bob loves to cook and lately we've had absolutely no meals at home since I have been working in Columbia.  Last night we were both home so Bob stopped by the grocery store to pick up some things for  dinner.  I could tell he was excited about cooking and so I was excited about what he was going to make.

He came home with an ahi tuna steak, asparagus, and potatoes.  He seared the steak (forgot to turn on the fan, though, and my, our alarm system is LOUD), roasted the potatoes and asparagus.  When he plated our dish, he put a corn salsa made by the GlenMark farms here in New Town on the plate first, with the fish on top.  The white sauce is a horseradish cream sauce that we love with veggies and fish.

Typically Bob will blacken a tuna, but this time it was just a sear with a few great spices.  I loved the crust on the fish and Bob had it a perfect medium rare.  The asparagus were still crisp and the potatoes roasted on the outside and a creamy texture inside.  Delish and we didn't even think about having dessert!

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Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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  1. What a gorgeous dinner! The last dinner my husband cooked for me was when we were dating, over 25 years ago!


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