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Thanksgiving 2014

We left Saint Charles around 7:30 with cups of coffee and hot chocolate in hand.  Also in hand:  homemade noodles, homemade cranberry sauce, brussels sprouts and a container of cool whip!  Bob turned on Christmas music and away we went!

We met Ashley and Eric in Columbia, where Ashley promptly suggested we stop for coffee at Starbucks.  We did, with coffees for the three of them and a Chai Tea Latte for me.  Bob bought cake pops for all.

We arrived in Marceline in good time, and when we walked in, Tammi, Mom, Pat, Debbie, and Emilee were already there.  The turkey was out of the oven and the kitchen was a bustle of activity.  We refrigerated our food and sat down to talk.  Tammi already had a story to share about the turkey.  Tammi is always looking for ways to perfect the turkey.  She had seen on TV that the first hour or so of cooking should be without foil.  Let the turkey get the perfect color, then cover it with foil.  Mom had already covered the turkey and it was ready to go, but Tammi took the foil off the bird and popped it into the oven.  After an hour, Tammi asked mom to go and get the foil and that's when she discovered that Mom was out of foil!  Somehow they managed to borrow some foil, but not before the turkey got more brown than intended.  After tasting the crispy skin and the wonderful meat, the turkey was declared perfect!

Tammi and I held our annual wishbone pulling contest.  It very well may have been a draw!  Ben came in with a new haircut!  It was so fun to see him, since the announcement of his awarding of the Dean's List!  We are so proud!

A look of surprise at the draw!
Mom made her sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, gravy, and a meatloaf for Ashley.  The meatloaf was wonderful!  Debbie brought a strawberry pretzel salad, Beth brought a broccoli/cauliflower salad and cupcakes, and Rachel brought cheesy potatoes. The rolls were browned to perfection and it was time to eat!

Bob said our blessing and we filled our plates.  We took our food to the living room and talked and ate.  Football was in the background.  The sound of our voices drifted between rooms.

Chris and family didn't make it while we were there.  Car problems kept them away but they did make it to see the rest of the family.  We left around 3:00 and made our way to Moberly to spend some time with Gary and Joy and Irene.  Irene seemed happy to see everyone.  She told Ashley how pretty she was and it seemed like she knew who she was!

When we left Moberly, we headed to Ashley and Eric's car and then home.  Bob made black bean enchiladas for dinner.  We all watched 22 Jump Street (the movie) together and then off to bed!

Another fabulous Thanksgiving in the history books.
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