Ornament Swap!

I participated in an ornament exchange like I did last year.  I love doing this, I meet a lot of new bloggers this way!  Not to mention, collecting a lot of fun oraments, too!  This year I sent an ornament to Linda at a la carte who was a fun gal to send to.  She and I found out that we like to do pocket letter swaps, so we also exchanged one (to be seen later!)

I was surprised to learn that my swap partner was someone different than Linda.  Stephanie, from The Enchanting Rose was my partner.  She has a beautiful blog and also owns Rose Petal Blessings, an Etsy shop.  She's taking a little break before the big holiday rush, but check back after November 23 and see what the shop is offering!

First, my box was beautifully wrapped and packaged.  I didn't show it to you as it had both our names and addresses on it.  You know, safety reasons.  Trust me that it was lovely!

On top, inside was the ornament, a white sparkly snowflake with a pink ribbon to hang it from the tree.  There's a breast cancer ribbon in the center of the snowflake and in the middle of that is a vintage bauble of crystals and pink stones.  Beautiful!

Underneath the ornament was cute gingerbread box holding a darling towel, a gingerbread cookie cutter, candy cane sprinkles, cupcake papers and a bookmark.

Such a sweet swap.  Last year I was Vicki's swap partner, the one who organized the exchange.  She's a teacher and I love that we met during a swap!  Thank you for hostessing us again, Vicki!

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