September Reads

I love reading.

It takes me on adventures that I know I will never go myself, such as living a homeless life, or that of a drug addict, or living in a 400 sq ft cabin off the grid.  Those experiences aren't for me yet, I long to know what it is like for people living in those situations.  The same for the book I just read called Hannah's Choice by Jan Drexler.

The book is a historical romance about an Amish family making a hard decision to move west.  A sweet romance between Amish youth, family love, a ill pregnant woman, and a rescue, along with horse thieves and murderers, this book has a little bit for everyone!  The book engages you to sit down at the campfire, eat a little something, and plan for your future with some of the most kind people you will ever meet.  The characters are strong, caring, a bit willful, human and and God fearing.  The story is a page turner.  The author's evident research makes the story believable and interesting.  The characters are facing exciting times at the end, which I hope means there will be future stories about them to read!

I finished a nonfiction CAT book called Kit Kat and Lucy by Lonnie Hull DuPont.  Lonnie is an award wining poet, book editor and writer.  She is a member of the Cat Writers Association and lives in Michigan with her husband and their cats.  I loved this memoir of a woman, who after living a successful life as a poet in San Francisco, moves to the countryside of Michigan to be near her family.  During this time, two cats find themselves in the home of Lonnie and her husband and the adventures begin!

If you are a cat lover, you will read this book from beginning to end and find yourself nodding yes all the way through.  Even Lonnie's quirky habits about her cats (over worrying, long rambling passages about why she keeps her cats indoors) do not diminish the hilarious antics of her Russian Blue and the tortoiseshell cat.  There's a couple of stories about vets she didn't like for reasons that, I think, were simply personal, and made me a bit uncomfortable. Overall, however, this book will please cat lovers everywhere!

I was given these two books for free in exchange for my honest opinion about the books.  All opinions are my own.

Other September recommended reads:

The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena  (think: Girl on the Train)
My Grandmother asked me to tell you she's sorry by Fredrik Backman
Flight Behavior by Barbara Kingsolver

What books have you read this month?
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