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My new toy!


I dreamed of owning a convertible ever since my aunt and uncle showed up at my house in a Corvair in the 60s.  That sleek car was so pretty and I knew that one day I wanted to have one of my own.

Fast forward to 2010, a year after my cancer diagnosis. My outlook on living has dramatically changed to living for the here and now, the future was just one second away.  I purchased a beautiful red convertible and a license plate that said, "Ta-Ta."  Such a cute play on words.  Those plates still make me happy!

That convertible was traded in eventually and then we bought a used BMW roadster that we played around in. Loved that little perky car!  When we made the decision to downsize and move to St. Charles, all our "toys" were sold. No more convertible in my life.

I missed the fun, the feel of the wind in my hair, the sense of being alive.  A cancer survivor feels these moments intensely and I was truly missing it.  I started to talk about getting a convertible again.  My husband agreed and so I started looking.  St. Louis has a lot of places to buy cars, so I started my search with cars.com  I love that it is so easy to start the search.  Just enter your zip, the type of car you are looking for, and the amount you want to spend.  Hit enter and all the options pop up!

For me it was all about this baby:

She's a beauty and loves the highway as much as I do!  I am going to have to be a more careful driver, as this car likes to speed and it is so easy to do so!  This is definitely a luxury item and will be in my family for a long time to come.  My car shopping experience using cars.com was easy and quick.  Hope it helps you with yours!

Last but not least, please consider safety at all costs when purchasing your vehicle. I chose a hard topped convertible for this reason.  Look at all factors, including car seat safety.  So many things have changed since I had to put a car seat in my car.  Kudos to all the mommas out there who are current with all the new information!

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