31 May 2016

A Sentence a Day

I got this idea from Sarah, who got it from Pinky...who got it from Rebecca. I thought it was such a good idea that I decided to do it, too.  I just love how it's one sentence, so you have to be really intentional with how you word it to make you remember how you were feeling that day when youwrote it.  There's a link up on Sarah's page in June, so I hope you see me there!

May 1  Schubert might be the most wonderful and compelling composer that I have ever had the privilege of listening to.
May 2  Nothing is sweeter than a friend who believes that you are a rock star.

May 3  I hope that I can harness and use the enthusiasm I felt today at work when I am working with my teachers this fall.

May 4  God bless all my students who want to be teachers, who remembered to thank me for what I taught them this semester.  

May 5  So proud of my son-in-law for his perseverence toward a masters degree in Computer Information Systems from Indiana University.

May 6  A parent's role is to encourage and support their young to dream bigger and aim higher than they did, with encouragement and support along the way.

May 7  Never forget that a little rain makes you appreciate all the sunshine.

May 8  Mother's Day is best when it is spent with your children.  If that can't happen, be sure to talk!

May 9  Do not let stress turn you into something you are not.  

May 10  This, too, shall pass (in reference to grading 18 classroom management plans and 110 lesson plans!)

May 11  My first moments of stress free bliss found me sacked out on the couch watching Daddy's Home, a cute sit com about a dad who is raising his daughter with the help of his mom, best friend and brother!

May 12 I discovered I need to spend a few quality hours with my husband every day or I feel lonely.

May 13  I discovered I need to spend a few quality hours on my own or I get cranky.

May 14  Joining the DAR may have been one of the best things I did for myself AND my country.

May 15  I love living in New Town so much that I get tears in my eyes when I talk to my wonderful neighbors.

May 16  Again with my neighborhood:  someone knows how much I love flowers and left 15 beautiful Iris tubers for me to start my own garden and I love it.

May 17  Thinking of my brother and sister-in-law today for their 41st anniversary!

May 18  Realizing that the sun has energy producing powers that help me through the day!

May 19  Neighbors working together for the good of the whole is exceptionally rewarding.

May 20  Newly groomed puppies make the world go round.

May 21  I learned to be open to new ideas and situations today by opening my mind and trying something that I didn't want to do.

May 22  The Jersey Boys was a fantastic production and seeing it with my husband made it more special, especially since we love all Fankie Valli tunes!

May 23  My daughter moves from her home of five years to the great big city of Chicago with her husband and sweet grand dog, Huxley!

May 24  Working with principals who give their all daily for their students inspires me!

May 25  I forget how nice it is to go out with people and just talk and laugh so I need to do it more often!

May 26  Making a birthday cake is so much fun!

May 27  My home feels so much more alive when my daughter is here!

May 28  Nothing like traditions to draw your family closer together!

May 29  I think I might be tired of nonstop fun and ribs.

May 30 My parents anniversary date if my dad was still living.

May 31 New beginnings of principal trainings start today!

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  1. That is a fun challenge. I loved reading through all your sentences. I might try this in June :)

  2. I love the idea of creating a sentence for each day. What could today's be? Learn to live in the moment and not outside of it because soon time will run ahead of you and you will regret the unsavoured moments?

  3. What a cool way to remember each day. One sentence is a challenge.

  4. I want to try this for June! I want to write a sentence for something I am grateful for. A blessing that happened every day.

  5. This is a great challenge - and how fun to look back over the month and review all of the sentences!

  6. This is such a fun idea! I loved reading each of your sentences for that day!

  7. I love this! I've never heard of a sentence a day but this is something that I would love to do. I might even try it for myself for a week and see how it goes.

  8. One meaningful sentence could inspire a whole day! It's always good to start a day with positive words. You make me smile with your sentences.

  9. That would be a great challenge. I am afraid that some days my sentences would not be, shall we say, friendly, lol.

  10. What a thing to do. It's almost like having a mini diary. Love it.

  11. I love this! I just started a bullet journal, and have a monthly log which is similar. Very cool!

  12. This is such a cute idea. Love it!

  13. I love challenges that encourage thought and creativity. My daughter and husband do the same with scripture comments. Thanks for sharing!

  14. I love this idea and since its June 1 I wanna participate. I love May 18 and May 21 sentences.

  15. What a fun idea for a blog post. Just another way to journal.

  16. This is fun and easy to do and remember. All we need is one sentence to keep us going, trust me

  17. This a great challenge because it enforces the power of words. I think I'll do this summer.

  18. Wow! What a fun challenge. I think I'm going to have to give it a try!

  19. This is a really cool idea! Kinda reminds me of Doogie Howser keeping a daily journal but it's just a sentence. Is it published on your site from day one or do you publish at the end of the full month?

  20. I love this idea! Keeping a one sentence per day journal would be so much fun. I got a kick out of this one: I think I might be tired of nonstop fun and ribs.

  21. I need to try this. This is such a great challenge!

  22. This is a great idea! How nice of your neighbors to leave you some iris tubers! It sounds like a wonderful community and place to live

  23. I love this! This would be a fun challenge to do each day the kids are on summer break. I was just saying to my husband that I didn't feel like I was doing enough with the kids. He pointed out something fun we had done each day. Writing a sentence would help me be intentional to do something but also as a reminder that many days I am doing something.

  24. Great challenge. I want to try this! I may do it for July since its June 4!

  25. Oh this is so lovely, what a great idea to get the creative juices flowing and get an insight into your thoughts and feelings

  26. This is pretty neat! I've seen the sentence a day journals but I never would have thought to turn them into a blog post!

  27. This is so cool. I kind of already do this with my social media posts. Love it!

  28. Omg what a fun challenge!!! I often forget how nice it is to laugh with others too. When you go too long without it, you forget how much joy it can bring.


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