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Top Ten Flowers for Summer Color

My husband and I love to shop for flowers and I love finding new varieties!  While shopping this spring, we found these delightful flowers that would bring a lot of color to your outdoor spaces.  In our Garden Club we suggest parents and children identify the colors in these flowers.  It sparks a lot of discussion, especially with kindergarteners who are learning there are a lot of names for pink!

Grown ups, these flowers are planted around our home and give us a summer lengths enjoyment with some simple care of watering, deadheading and feeding.

Kids, to make it even more fun, download this adorable BINGO Flower Color printable below for your neighborhood walk.  Maybe you can talk your parents into a prize!

1. Gerbera Daisies

2.  Lemon Slice Petunias

3.   Marigolds

4.   Geraniums

7.   Begonias

8.  Knock Out Roses

9.   Dahlia

10.  Lantana

And for all you who were wanting the Flower Bingo Card...here it is!

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  1. Beautiful! I never know the names of the flowers, but I love pretty and colorful. And that Bingo game is an awesome idea - we'll have to try that one!

    1. I hope you do! Let me know if your kids like it!

  2. I love marigolds! Yesterday one of my friends on IG posted a vanilla marigold on her feed, I had never seen one before it's beautiful, but I still prefer the bright pop of color of a marigold. I'm new to the PNW, and right now there are tons of different flowers that are new to me, I'm loving them. I'm partial to bluebonnets though. ;)

  3. Thank you for that wonderful list of activities for children to learn more about flowers! From your photographs, I love them all, specially the marigolds and dahlias!

  4. So many beautiful choices to add color to the garden! I can't wait until we move into our retirement home and I can nurture gardens!

  5. What beautiful flowers! I love to find new flowers, but sometimes they get to my allergies!

  6. Begonias have been the easiest for me to take care of! Such hardy plants and can take all the direct sun on my deck! love them!

  7. I've always loved the daisies because there is so much different colors and they look so great when there's a bunch of them. I have roses in my front yard and I can't wait for them to bloom.

  8. I love the Lemon Slice Petunias. Not only are they really beautiful and unique but I imagine that they smell really good too.

  9. So fun for my daughter. Our neighborhood has lots of flowers so this would be fun.

  10. Love this post! I am a fresh flower lover for sure and Gerber Daisies were my wedding flowers because they're so summery!

  11. Love this list, and three of my recent purchases made it on your list. :) I just wish I had more outdoor space because I love how they look.

  12. I love Marigolds! I love this guide. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Love love the pops of color that come with spring flowers. I don't even have a favorite. I love them all.

  14. Dahlia's are stunning, I love their ombre detail. Marigolds are a gorgeous rich colour too!

  15. Lovely blooms! These are the vibrant colors of summer. I love the chair planter idea.

  16. I have loved marigolds since I was a child! I loved pulling them apart and spreading the seeds. Used to drive my mom nuts!

  17. What pretty flowers! I love the dahlia loving the natural ombre of nature.

  18. ohhhh I love Gerbera daisies and the dahlias - they are my faves. I still haven't gotten any flowers yet for the year - I need to do that! ;)

  19. My mom always has the most beautiful flower gardens! I am horrible at flowers, but veggies I can do :-)

  20. The marigolds and geraniums are beautiful! Thanks for the bingo too haha. Xo

  21. Ah! So beautiful... I wish I could grow them all too.


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