Pulled Pork Tacos #SRC

The Secret Recipe Club has a special reveal day today!  We are centered around BBQs and Picnics and I had the most delightful blog to sneak around called Well Dined.  Sarah is the blogger there and she and her husband, like us, are foodies who like to cook at home.  I think we could be great friends. Once, on a school dare, I dyed my hair pink and purple and turned out that I loved it!

There were a number of great recipes on Sarah's blog that suited for a picnic, like this Quinoa Strawberry Watermelon Salad, and I could really see me working with this recipe for Peeps Cookies to make a picnic version.  Ultimately though, I chose this recipe to feature from the blog.

I loved this recipe for a couple of big reasons:  one, it uses left over pork and two, it allows you to use your creativity!  Here's how the original recipe looked:

Pulled Pork and Vegetable Tacos
Remaining pulled pork, warmed (from Saturday night)
4-6 tortillas, warmed (I prefer whole wheat)
Remaining bean/corn/spinach mixture, warm or cold (from Friday night)
Mexican cheese blend (optional)
Scallions (optional)
Sour cream (optional)
Salsa or hot sauce (optional)
Divide the pork between the tortillas, top with the vegetable mixture and any other desired toppings.
Here's my take on it using it for a picnic.

Warm up the pulled pork and place it in a thermos.  Heat BBQ sauce and add to thermos.  Shake.
Warm up tortillas and wrap in foil, with a piece of waxed paper in between.  Put cheese, sour cream, salsa and sauteed vegetables in separate containers.  Pour peach iced tea into a large thermos with ice. Pack up a dessert of choice.  Pack up needed utensils and glassware.  Load up picnic basket and head to a park!

Unpack the basket and pass around the various supplies.  Assemble tacos.  Pour tea.  Keep dessert covered.  Eat and enjoy and don't forget the dessert!

Such easy, fun and enjoyable picnic when using leftovers as the base.  No stress, just an enjoyable day out in the sun!

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