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Missouri State Fair

The State Fair is our last big summer event. It signals us to get ready for fall. We love going to the Fair and have very specific things that we do there. I always head directly to the Varied Industries Building and the Commercial Buildiing. We look around and dream of owning a SoftTub, which always has a vendor there. We then usually split up, I head for the Women's Building to look at quilts, cakes and canned goods. Bob will head to the Missouri Wine Tent to taste the newest wines. We will meet up again and head to the 4-H building to see if any of our students have entered any items for competition. We will always go to the Agriculture Building to buy elk, venison, and buffalo sticks and Ashley will usually get Tiger Stripe Ice Cream there. I look at all the products that are made in Missouri. I also love looking at the butter sculptures and the biggest pumpkin prize! Bob will want to wander the strip, so I go to the Children's Zoo to look at the baby animals and then over to the Horticulture Building to see the flowers. We'll meet back up to go to either the Poultry House, the Pork Producers House or the Missouri Beef Council Restaurant for dinner. This year we decided on beef. It was yummy as usual. We always end the day with a country star concert at the Grandstand and this year was no different. We watched Big and Rich perform an amazing concert. We leave grabbing one of the best corndogs in the nation, no doubt. Its always a fun day !

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