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The Wien Picnic

The Wien Picnic celebrated its 117th anniversary this weekend with its annual bash. The picnic consists of Bingo, a dunking booth, turtle races, a beer garden, a huge dinner, hamburgers on the grill, a jumping house, a merry go round, a country store and probably other things I have forgotten to mention. We have never failed to make it to the Wien Picnic, it would be like missing Christmas. Bob's childhood memories are wrapped up in the events of the church, with this being the candles on the cake! Ashley introduced Eric to the Picnic, who promptly won at Bingo and collected a fine set of BBQ tools as his prize. The dinner always consists of home grown foods: cucumbers and onion salad, fresh tomatoes, cole slaw, green beans, corn, mashed potatoes and gravy, dressing, roast beef and fried chicken. There were over 40 different kinds of dessert to chose from. Quite the yummy feast! As usual, it was sweltering hot in the afternoon and we found ourselves in our usual position in Irene's house, soaking up the air conditioning, snacking on Irene's homemade cinnamon rolls. We weren't the only ones, as Gary, David, Jake, Amos, Janie, Jeanne, Joy, Susan and Kelly all found their way to the house! We certainly felt like the picnic was a success this year, lots of people came and the Bingo table was constantly full!
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