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Happy Valentines Day!

First, please forgive me for my blogging escape! I don't know why I wasn't posting except that I was falling asleep at 8:00 every night! It has been crazy daisy at school!

To make for it, I want to share with you my famous Tipsy Cherries. I am well known for these delicious, powerful little lumps of love.

Tipsy Cherries

1 large jar of maraschino cherries, with stems, drained, save jar!
1 bottle of cherry brandy
6 squares chocolate almond bark, or your favorite dipping chocolate

Fill the jar of cherries with cherry brandy. Let "steep" for 4-6 weeks. Drain, blot with paper towels. Melt chocolate in the microwave in a deep bowl. Dip the cherries by the stem into the chocolate. Let set. THESE ARE NOT FOR CHILDREN!

One should only indulge in 3-4 of these decadent cherries in an evening!

You will probably notice some chocolate covered strawberries as well. What else to do with the left over chocolate? Our Walmart had beautiful, long stemmed strawberries but I failed to pick some up this weekend and they are now history. Next time...

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