Wedding Invitations

Tonight, Bob, Ashley, Eric and I worked on putting the invitations together. We watched Father of the Bride while we folded, stuffed and stamped our invitations. The invitation itself is on an ivory cardstock with a linen finish. We wrapped the invitation in a leaf designed vellum and sealed it with a diamond shaped sticker. The vellum slips into the envelope. We had our enveloped addressed by the printer and boy, they look awesome. I loved not using a double envelope, too. When you slip these out of the envelope, they look so elegant! The bottom photo shows the invite inside the vellum wrapper with the sticker. You can slightly see the invitation through the vellum. The photo makes the vellum look more ivory than it seems to me.

You are seeing the reception invitation. The wedding invitation is identical, except the wording invites people to the wedding! Our wedding is small, but the reception is going to be large!

Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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