Is it just me or do....

you antagonize over simple decisions too?

For literally months I have debated about what color to paint my front door. Originally the door was a deep cranberry which I really loved. As doors will do, it faded over time and I needed to repaint it. Then came the moment I dread... I had the notion that I didn't have to paint it the same color it was.

So, I quickly narrowed the choices down between black and cranberry. (This was in July, I believe). It has taken me until this weekend to make the decision and I did, today.

The door is black.

And, I love it. But WHY does it take six or seven weeks to decide what color to paint the front door? Why am I so undecisive about things???

I would appreciate any support out there from Undeciders Anonymous members like myself.

Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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