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Is it just me or do....

you antagonize over simple decisions too?

For literally months I have debated about what color to paint my front door. Originally the door was a deep cranberry which I really loved. As doors will do, it faded over time and I needed to repaint it. Then came the moment I dread... I had the notion that I didn't have to paint it the same color it was.

So, I quickly narrowed the choices down between black and cranberry. (This was in July, I believe). It has taken me until this weekend to make the decision and I did, today.

The door is black.

And, I love it. But WHY does it take six or seven weeks to decide what color to paint the front door? Why am I so undecisive about things???

I would appreciate any support out there from Undeciders Anonymous members like myself.

Would you like to comment?

  1. I know what you mean. However, I think it's better to take longer and be happy like you are rather than being impulsive like me. I painted my kitchen table and chairs fire engine red. I loved it for about 1 year. Now when I look at it I want to cry. It's too much work to redo and I have my hubby antique set we are having redone (sometime, when he gets around to it). I'll add you to my blogroll too. I usually scroll thru Gayla's stuff and find you. Thanks.

  2. Hey Terri,

    I am impressed that you got a project done now that school has begun. It looks great!

    I tend to make decisions quickly...getting everything done, however, is a totally different matter.

    What did you learn about me?

    Becky K.

  3. Anonymous7:14 PM

    I love your black door, Terri.

    It took me about 3 years to decide what to paint our front door. It was white from the time we moved in, then finally I decided. It's almost black. The paint name is midnight green. I like to think of it as a Charleston green...dark dark dark green. I didn't think I would ever come to a decision about that. Sort of like the dining room...it took me two years to decide the color to go over the gold!

  4. Sweetie...I'm the POSTER CHILD or woman for undeciders anonymous! We have been working on our plans for the new house with the architect since March...I think... we've yet to complete it...we have to live with the plans for a while...make changes...live with those a while...and so on! I just noticed this morning while looking over them for the umpteenth time since we received the revised version a few weeks ago...that there is something amiss in the laundry room...and I can't live with it...so changes are in order once again. However, as my sweet hubbin pointed out...it's less expensive to make those changes now...than to figure it out AFTER they start building.

    I love the door in all it's new painted glory...Black was a very good choice...in my indecisive opinion!


  5. Oh girl, I think we females are just born with a membership card to Undeciders Anonymous.

    BTW...your door looks good to me. Wish I was close enough to knock on it or a vist.


  6. Anonymous10:41 AM

    Because you have such fabulous taste that you came up with two excellent options....of course it was a difficult decision!

    And it was a GREAT decision...classic, elegant, tres chic......VERY Terri!!

    Well done!!

    The Tammy Triplet

  7. I love it in black...and not just becasie I painted mine black 2 years ago! : )
    I think it looks great. I akm still livng with the beige I chose for the living room and kitchen because I was afraid of going TOO dark. Now i WANT to go darker but am afraid of what to cgoose. Smaller rooms I can choose but a larger space, well, I am totally frozen!!


  8. Lovin' the black door!!! Very rich and sophisticated looking!

    I am horrible with decorating decisions. I can go either way. I either agonize and hem and haw and take FOREVER to decide....and then want to change it a few months later OR I make a snap decision....and then want to change it a few months later!!! OY!!!


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