Missouri State Fair

Yesterday Bob, Ashley, Eric and I all got into the car and headed to the Missouri State Fair. We had tickets to see Josh Turner and wanted to visit our favorite places at the Fair. Ashley worked yesterday and so we didn't get to leave until 3:30.

So, we drove in, catching up on zzzzzs for Ashley and listening to the Cardinals on the radio. We parked, and headed into the Fair. We stopped at the University of Missouri building (big fans, in case you didn't know) and got Tiger Striped ice cream, which is Ashley's all time favorite. The ice cream is made on campus and has a limited distribution.

Next we headed to the dairy building but it was closed! I didn't get to see the 600 pound butter cow this year and Ashley didn't get her chocolate milk. Next year we will get there earlier.

Next we toured the Varied Industries and the Commercial buildings, which are vendors set up to sell various items. We bought a cool hose holder (we hope).

Our next stop is the Missouri AgriBusiness building. This is where I always see the largest pumpkin that was brought to the Fair and which always jump starts my fall inspiration. We always buy elk, buffalo and venison jerky and sticks here for the concert. Eric found some BBQ sauce that he loved and so he bought some of that.

We headed to the concert and found our seats. We jabbered off and on and people watched a lot. Pat Green was the warm up and then came Josh. He is a great performer!

Unrelated, kind of, but part of the story.... in July Bob judged a queen contest in another county and the organizer helped Bob get two back stage passes for Ashley and Eric to meet Josh! Ashley said it was a wonderful experience and that Josh was so nice!

There was a fireworks display that was awesome and after that we bought out annual corndogs. I typically don't like corndogs but these are crispy and hot and they paint the ketchup and mustard on... sooo good!

On the way home we discussed the book, The Shack, for much of the way home. Ashley and Eric were tired so they spent the night here. It was a great day for the Steffes/Hasty families!

Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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