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A little Fall decorating...

Melissa at the Inspired Room (see blog roll) has challenged us to participate in a Fall Nesting Week this week, and since I am all about being inspired, I thought I would participate! She asked us to share our fall ideas about decorating, and even though I am sure it it not unique, I thought I would share a few photos and thoughts about decorating for the season of Fall.

I like to decorate for fall about as much as I like to decorate for Christmas, which is a lot! I like to decorate in layers, adding more and more as the season progresses. In August I start with a few sunflowers, then in September I add in plain pumpkins and leaves and acorns. In October I add in a few jack o lanterns and then in November I take away the jack o lanterns and put in my pilgrims and decor specific to Thanksgiving. The weekend following Thanksgiving I put everything away, do a really good deep cleaning and decorate for Christmas!

Here is a bit of the first layer in the kitchen...

in the bedroom

and, for now, that's all I can show you... I am feeling a bit "under the weather" (see post below!)

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