Tailgating Season!

The University of Missouri had its season opener yesterday and as usual, we were there bright and early to set up our tailgate party. The University has decided to take away all the free parking on campus and convert it to paid parking and most of it requires a donation to the athletic department in order to buy into it. We knew about this change in advance, and had scouted out some possibilities.

One was on the upper level of a parking garage. We both thought it would still work to set up in the sun and the view from the top is fabulous. So we packed the car and drove into Columbia. When we arrived at the parking garage, there was a sign at all the entrances that said: NO BBQ GRILLS. WHAT????

We sat there for a moment, not really knowing what we wanted to do. We decided to drive around and see what other people were doing. Stadium Road was already lined up on both sides with cars with little to no room to set up a party. We drove around Reactor Field, no free parking.

So reluctantly we went back to the garage. We knew we had enough food for the day without grilling the yummy brats we had with us, but heck, we wanted brats.

We had a good time but it was sure different. Eric, his brother Evan, his sister Elise, Elise's friend Allison and the two of us were there. Ashley had to work. So we ate summer sausage and cheese, cherries, grapes, chips, homemade hummus, carrot sticks, pretzel crackers, black olives and cookies.

The Tigers won!

Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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