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Mosaic Monday

Bob, Ashley, Eric and I went to the farmer's market in Columbia on Saturday. We have all decided we need to do this weekly! It was huge! I was enamored by the flowers but there was all kinds of meat, veggies, fruits and vendors to see!

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  1. This look like a great farmer's market! There is one in Camdenton, we try to get to, when we're at the lake. It isn't as large as the one in Columbia, though

  2. We love farmers markets! We're lucky to have some really great ones in our area. All of that wonderful, farm-fresh produce and flowers — plus the added benefit of supporting your local farmers...it's a very good thing!

  3. We have a tiny farmer's market in our closest town. It is fun to browse the stands and see the vendors from year to year.

  4. Wow, it looks great, Terri. I love farmer's markets.


  5. This looks wonderful terri! And your mosaic is so pretty too! I love a good farmer's market...the food is great and it is a perfect place to snap pictures!


  6. I have got to do some research and find some good farmer's markets in our area. The ones I have randomly come across in the past are really small and just so-so. It looks like you all had a great time!!! :-)

  7. Hi Terri!! I read your post this morning, then had to leave without commenting!! So I'M BAAAACK! :)

    We have several Farmer's Mkts in our KC area---many are certified organic! I have vowed to really take advantage of them this year.

    YOUR garden is certainly taking shape!! Your cabbages look beautiful!!

    I got such a kick out of your Hamburger cookoff and the facial expressions of the participants!!

    Enjoy your little break before SSchool starts!! Dana

  8. Oh that looks like so much fun, Terri! We have a small farmer's market in a nearby town, but it hasn't started yet... Thanks for joining Mosaic Monday! :)


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