Lazy Days of Summer

I had the wonderful opportunity to read Lazy Days of Summer by Judy Young earlier this year when she came to visit my school as an author in residence. This book really spoke to me and thought I would do a post every Wednesday after summer officially begins on the 21st of June.

She talks about going out to play on her first page. What do you play in the summer? As a child I loved to jumprope and Judy talks about jumproping. As an adult, though, Bob and I love to play golf and once in a great while, we will play tennis. Eric loves tennis and I am sure he could get Bob out to play if he asked and promised to be kind!

What were your favorite jumprope rhymes? Mine were blue bells, cockle shells, eevy, ivy over... and A My Name is Alice.

Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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